From Portofino to The Cinque Terre, Italy (Road Trip 55)

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September 2018 – We left Portofino the next day and made our way to ‘The Cinque Terre’ the main reason for our trip to Italy.  The Cinque Terre is five very beautiful, vividly coloured villages located on cliffs overlooking the sea, but first we had to get there.  You can see the coastline from Portofino, if you could go in a straight line it would take no time, but no, you have to go all the way around.  Which is not too bad, but it was so hot again, even the air conditioning in the car was struggling.  So this is just a few photos of what caught my eye on our way, the hill top towns and all the different churches, which I would have loved to have stopped and explored 🙂  When we reached our hotel, a vineyard up in the hills, we had a nice surprise, a swimming pool in the grounds.  We decided we had travelled enough and spent the rest of the day by the pool, planning how we would tackle the Cinque Terre the next day.  

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