Vernazza, Cinque Terre, The Ligurian Riviera, Italy (Road Trip 57)

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September 2018 – The second Cinque Terre Village we saw from the little cruise boat was Vernazza, which was the only village with a natural harbour so ships departed from here to the Republic of Genoa and other countries. As a result, Vernazza was the most prosperous village with economical and political power. This wealth is shown even today by beautiful arcades, archways and balconies. In medieval times there was no main square, beach or breakwater, the waves were splashing at the houses. Boats were also moored to the walls, so Vernazza was a bit like Venice.

We stopped to drop off passengers, and then it hit me how many tourist there were, I was just so thankful that they were not getting on our boat, they were waiting for charted boats to pick them up.  I think the last time I had seen so many tourists was in Florence, even Venice was not that busy.  I do know, we are tourist, but we stay in local hotels and eat in local restaurants and buy local items.  I did ask in a few shops if the cruise ships were good for their business…..the answer in each case, was no.  They are only there for a few hours, they bring their own food and say everything is too expensive.  We had been lucky on our trip so far, all the places we had visited had been very quiet, as we were mainly off of the cruise ship routes, even Portofino was quiet.  So this was a bit of a shock and it only got worse as the day went on.  As I said before the best way to see them is from a boat, but as we had paid a small fortune for rail tickets we had to use them at least once.  These photos are from the boat, but we did come back and I visited the church, but by then, it was too hot to go exploring, you just wanted to keep in the shade.  


14 Replies to “Vernazza, Cinque Terre, The Ligurian Riviera, Italy (Road Trip 57)”

  1. I got to looking at those houses in the middle I think I would feel just a little hemmed in. By the looks of some of the houses,tourist need to start buying local product.

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