A Mornings Drive In Italy (Road trip 65)

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September 2108 – During the morning before we went to Pisa, we did try to reach a hill village and castle on the coast, but the roads in the hills are very narrow, and parking anywhere is frustrating to say the least.   I can’t remember the name of the hill village, but in the photos of our attempt, you will see how narrow the road became.  Husband decided, when he thought he would get stuck between the houses, that we had to give up……we were in a Discovery, so maybe he was right.  

The next attempt was to visit Lerici on the coast to explore the 12th century castle that dominates Lerici, the Castello di Lerici, that stands forebodingly on a raised area to one end of the bay.  Which did not happen, because we could not find one single car space, we drove around the town four times, gave up…..it was then, that we decided to go to Pisa, which I have posted about.  

We did get to drive through a hill town, not as high as the village we tried to get too, but Aulla did look interesting from the road, the first photo at the top of this post, is a photo of the town.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop, as we were on our way to Pisa, although the Fort looked really interesting.

On the way to Pisa, I took some more hill top villages, came across a lunar landscape, I think it was a very large quarry, and then some photos of La Spezia, on our way to our last destination……to continue

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    1. Yes it was a little cooler. We are having some strange weather at the moment, it was 15 degrees today, this should not be happening until April……it was beautiful just like a warm spring day…but very odd 🙂

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