Sostio a Levante Country Guest House, Framura, Nr The Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

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September 2018 -Sostio a Levante Country Guest House, Framura, Italy, was perfect.  After all the hustle and bustle of the Cinque Terre, it was like a retreat.  So quiet and the air up in the hills, clear and a lot cooler.  The food was wonderful and the wine, the vineyards stretches out over several terraces and the Sostio red wine was beautiful …….this is what they say on their website……..its fragrance recalls the red flowers that are grown in our garden and the fruit cultivated in our fields. The height at which we grow the grapes to produce this type of wine creates a fresh aftertaste left on the palate when drunk; its important tannins make it both austere and regal, just as would be expected from a wine produced on the high hills in this area…… In other words, it was yummy 🙂  They sell the wine and the oil from the olives they grow…….unfortunately they had sold out of the olive oil, but not the wine, so lets just say, some found its way home with us.  The rooms are simple but lovely, there is an outside swimming pool, and the views are wonderful.  Our hosts spoke very good English, and were charming, very helpful and friendly, and as I said at the start, it was perfect.  The next day we did a long road trip to Austria and drove through the Dolomites, next post, castles and mountains on route. 

This was the view on the way to Sostio a Levante,


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