St Peter’s Church, Claypole, Lincolnshire (Part 2 Exterior)

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On the outside of the St Peters Church in Claypole, Lincolnshire, the figures beneath the nave battlements are particularly varied.  Apart from the many men’s heads, you can see a cow with a calf, pig with piglet, rabbit, donkey, horse, cow, fox and bird of prey.  Other figures on the arches surrounding the windows, include a dove, a warrior with shield and sword, which have the appearance of being monkeys.  One of the carvings that can be seen, surrounding the lowest window in the tower at the west end of the church, is a lady’s head with gorget and wimple, which is very similar to a carving found on the respond at the east end of the north aisle.  Both are dated circa 1224.  There are some amazing heads, and I like the mixture, but I did only get one side of the church, so not quite sure if I got the bird of prey and a few of the others.  Next post is about the graffiti the church warden showed me.

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