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Wow six years, not sure where the the time has gone, but I have enjoyed myself and hopefully will continue to do so.  I just want to thank everyone who likes and leaves a message,  they do mean a lot and are really appreciated.  
The church is St Edmunds in Southwold in Suffolk, and is a wonderful church to feature on Echoes 6th Birthday Post 🙂  I will be posting the whole of the church….soon 🙂

16 Replies to “Echoes Six Years Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations, Lynne, on reaching your 6th year blogging anniversary. I so enjoy your informative articles and lovely photography. Wishing you many happy blogging years to come.

  2. Time flies. I’ve been doing this blogging malarky for about 10 years. Initially just recomrding things for myself then gradually building up a list of followers and, more importantly, fellow bloggers, like yourself, with whom I have fairly regular online chats via comments. That’s one of the best aspects. Keep up the good work Lynne 😀

    1. Thats how I really started, I wanted to recorded the churches I had started visiting. Then someone said I should do some travel ones, which I have great fun in doing. I haven’t time to follow lots of blogs, but the ones i do, I really enjoy, like yours and enjoy some online chat along the way 🙂 Ha ha you keep up the good work too 🙂

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