Land Rover Experience, Broughton Hall Estates, Nr Skipton, Yorkshire

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Back in June 2018 we went to The Broughton Hall Estates for a Land Rover Experience Day, this is where you get to drive cars in off road conditions.  We have been to a couple and I like to pick ones that have a large house or castle in the grounds.  Husband gets to drive and I get to take photos 🙂  We had spent the night in our motorhome near Bolton Abbey and drove over to Broughton Hall in the morning, the weather looked a bit iffy.  The rain held off, although it did became very overcast, but now again blue sky appeared.  The trip over the Yorkshire countryside was beautiful and we reached our destination in good time.


Yellison Farm Barns, a former goat farm high on the Moorside within the Broughton 3,000 acre estate, this was where we would be spending the morning….having fun, driving up and down places that no cars should really go.  The scenery was wonderful and I took way too many photos.  


I asked our instructor if we could by any chance, have a quick look at the house before we finished.  No problem, we would drive through the front gate, drive pass the house, and then behind the house and back up to Yellison.  Great, the only problem, the house is a venue for weddings, in fact you can rent the whole house, if you want too.  Anyway this meant that wedding photos were being taken by the gates directly to the house……did this stop me, no I just smiled, made my way through the group, took a few photos and then made a hasty retreat.  

Broughton Hall dates back to 1597 and has belonged to the Tempest Baronet family for 900 years.  


When we arrived back, we said our goodbyes and just as we got to our motorhome, the heavens open.  We were so lucky that the rain held off until we had finished.  So quite a nice experience had by all.


8 Replies to “Land Rover Experience, Broughton Hall Estates, Nr Skipton, Yorkshire”

  1. I’ve never heard of this way to explore grounds. That sounds like a lot of fun. Broughton Hall looks like a great place to have a wedding, or just to take a mini tour of. Glad the weather held off for you!

    1. Thank you, its really to test drive a car, but I always manage to talk the instructors into taking us somewhere, when it should be my turn to drive, I would rather go and see something and take photos 🙂

  2. Lovely place! Loved the farm tucked in amongst the trees,also enjoyed those red geraniums! Saved your black and white fence will give me a good lesson on drawing depth perception. Thanks!

  3. That was great. I like the idea of your trip too, the way you’re traveling as I will have to do it vicariously. I do think the motor home would be fun, unfortunately, there are two of us =)

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