Hotel – Jausenstation Pfefferbauer, Zell am See, Austria (Road Trip 69)

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When we arrived in Zell am See, Austria,  after our long road journey from the Italian Rivera in 2018, we were just a little hungry and tried, but both of us cheered up when we saw our hotel halfway up the mountain or hill, anyway it did seem quite high up.  This was another surprise for me, a traditional Austrian chalet, and it was old, although it has been very nicely renovated.  When we had unpacked, took in the beautiful views of Lake Zell, and I had taken a few photos, we made our way down to the restaurant and we were surprised at the lovely menu.  We didn’t have to go looking for a restaurant, the regional cuisine the hotel offered, was excellent, we even had our photo taken by a lovely young lady whose English was excellent as well.  Even though we were only there overnight, we were made very welcome in this family run hotel, which is still very much a family home.  The photos are of our arrival, some of the evening and of our departure the next day.  Next post, the drive to Munich.

11 Replies to “Hotel – Jausenstation Pfefferbauer, Zell am See, Austria (Road Trip 69)”

  1. What a lovely place, both the hotel and the scenic surroundings. Beautifully captured, Lynne, as always. Many thanks.

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