Zell am See, Austria to Munich, Germany (Road Trip 70)

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I am trying to finish off September 2018 holiday, but a little thing like ……..putting our house up for sale has kind of slowed me down a little bit.  I am just amazed at the amount of stuff you can collect or just acquire, so a lot of decluttering has been going on, just as well we have a very large shed to store some boxes of clutter in 🙂  We are off to Scotland next weekend, so I have a little time to try and finish.  I have posted a few photos from our drive from Zell am See in Austria, to Munich in Germany.  Next post is an amazing church in the centre of Munich, that somehow in all the years of visiting I had missed until this visit of 2018.

14 Replies to “Zell am See, Austria to Munich, Germany (Road Trip 70)”

  1. Love that shop! There’s an old wooden wheel barrel that would look nice in my garden 😄 a little thing like selling .. sounds like a big thing to me!!

    1. It was a lovely shop, but it was Sunday and so it was closed and we were leaving for Germany, so didn’t get a chance to look….maybe next year, as we are going back 🙂

  2. Sometimes it is just hard to finish a trip…I’m still working on the fall one and making the memory book..eye roll and all before the next happenings/travel. Just (finally) sold a house-moving is the best declutter tool. Wishing you the best!
    Oh, and love just seeing the photos, and totally think it works ’cause sometimes words are hard to keep coming up with.

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