Asam Church, Munich (Road Trip 72)

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Well that was more than a few days leave of absence, not sure where the days are going at the moment.  We did have a lovely holiday in Scotland, the first week was glorious, the second…iffy.  The house selling and buying is all on track, but we are very busy at work, which can only be good, but when trying to balance everything, it can be a little tiring ……..well thats my excuse 🙂  Anyway back to nearly the end of last years hols and a wonderful glorious church, one I think you might love or not… does take your breath away, it did mine, but maybe not to everyones taste.  Unlike most churches, Asamkirche isn’t a standalone building. It’s located in the middle of a long row of connected buildings in and while eye-catching from the outside, it doesn’t look anything like a church or architectural wonder until you step inside. And then…it’s an incredible vision of gold, frescoes, and opulence.

St. Johann Nepomuk, better known as the Asam Church is a Baroque church in Munich, built from 1733 to 1746 by the brothers, sculptor Egid Quirin Asam, and painter Coasmas Damian Asam as their private church. It is considered to be one of the most important buildings of the southern German Late Baroque.  The church was never really meant for the general public, but the higher powers of the church claimed Asamkirche and demanded it be opened to the public, which – lucky for all of us – it still is today. 

 My next post will be about the 2018 Oktoberfest, and hopefully will not take so long to post 🙂

13 Replies to “Asam Church, Munich (Road Trip 72)”

  1. Wow! What a glorious space. (Perhaps a bit over the top for me.) Wonderful photos, Lyn.Thanks for sharing your travels as always.
    By the way, I recently purchased a terrific book you and your followers might enjoy. In fact I think the author lives pretty close to you in Cambridge. The title is How to Look at Stained Glass: A Guide to the Church Windows of England. It is written by Jane Brocket. Beautifully written and very informative. Makes me envy those of you who can just pop over to see a wonderful church and outstanding old and modern glass. Your blog is always a pleasant surprise in my email. Be well.

    1. Thank you Bruce, glad you enjoyed the photos, yes it is a little over the top, although when you see it, it wins you over, as it is just so amazing in such a tiny church 🙂 I will have to have a look for the book it sounds very interesting…..I think sometimes you need all the help you can get when looking at the windows. Glad you enjoy the posts, although they are a bit slow at the moment with moving etc 🙂 Lynne

  2. Glad to see your post in my feed! I’ve been on again off again the last couple months and have missed some blogs. These church pictures are amazing – so much gold and so ornate. They are beautiful!

  3. Time just slips away ,then shocks us as to how much has slipped by. Wow,there’s a lot of detail , makes it a little to cluttered looking. Enjoyed seeing though…nice it’s opened to the public!

    1. Yes it is a little cluttered, not sure they would be able to fit any more in……I wonder who does the dusting 🙂 Still it does make you smile when you see it 🙂

  4. How stunning photos of this gorgeous Church. We have been few days in Munich many years ago, but then we did not visit this Church. I am glad that I had possibility to see it thru Your photos.

    Thank You sharing this with us.

  5. Wow! What an amazing set of photos. The church is very unusual, very ornate. I’m glad you got to go inside. It would have been a shame to miss these ‘out of the world’ scenes.

    1. Thank you Lizzie, I just loved taking the photos. It was quite amazing because there loads of people, but somehow I just seem to miss then in the photos 🙂 Lynne

  6. Wow – Glorious is exactly the right word! 🙂
    Though I think I would be looking at all that splendour rather than listening to the sermon! 😀
    Good to see you back. 🙂 Sorry you had bad weather on holiday but good to hear the house move is going OK.

    1. Glad you like the church, it does have a certain charm about it 🙂 I had forgotten how stressful moving can be…….think I said last time….never again 🙂 although truthfully not too bad at the moment, just getting myself prepared 🙂

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