Churches of Switzerland

Views of St Joseph Catholic Church & Interlaken, Switzerland

In 2016 we were in Interlaken, Switzerland, as we were staying in the centre, we had plenty of time to explore.  I had found a lovely little garden, and behind it was St Joseph Catholic Church.  We made our way to the church, finding the door, we found something quite unexpected.  The interior was modern, I can’t find any details, but I should think the building had been restored quite recently.  There are a few photos of Interlaken, but the weather was not camera friendly on that particular day.

Lines Overhead

Sometimes things just get in the way, and sometimes you just have to look past them.  I took this photo just after we had left Basel Train Station in Switzerland, it was going in the trash, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked……not everything has to be perfect 🙂

October 2016