I love to take black & white photos of people carrying out an occupation. It can be work related or fun, as long as they are occupied in some way.

Wine Making, Switzerland

I love finding photos that I have forgotten about, and come across them when having a sort out   I took this photo from the car window, when were driving in Switzerland near Interlaken in 2016.  This is quite an apt photo, as we have been making wine from the grapes that grew in our garden this year 2017, we had loads.  At the moment it is a lovely pale yellow colour, started life as a horrible dark green sludge colour, hopefully it will taste ok.  We also have some ginger wine on the go, and hopefully that will be ready for Christmas, but that was a kit 🙂  

Not our grapes, but vineyards on the road to Interlaken in Switzerland 2016 

Dusty Combine Harvesters

A few weeks ago, before we went on holiday, all around us in the Fens the air was thick with dust, they had the big combine harvesters in the fields.  Now back from holiday, yesterday I noticed they are now harrowing, just glad the dust has settled until next year, when it all starts again.

Occupation Category – Combine Harvesters  

Filming, South of France

When we were in the South of France last week, we did a lot of road trips along the coast, and on one of these, we passed a lay-by and saw this.  I am still trying to work out what we saw, we think it might have been for an advert for something, but the black car was amazing.  It really was point and press, as I had no time, I just clicked away as we swung passed and hoped I got something 🙂

A good one for my ‘Occupation Category’ – Film Crew

September 2017

Lifeguards, Mablethrope, Lincolnshire

For our last day on the French Riviera, we drove along the coast and visited some of the smaller resorts.  The weather has been hot, but a bit windy, which is good for us northern types, can’t handle too much heat.  Tomorrow we head north to another town for two nights and hopefully a few more churches.  So as I still can’t upload photos, I found some lifeguards from when we visited Mablethrope in Lincolnshire last year 2016, as we have seen lots of French lifeguards on this trip.  Also a good set of photos for my ‘Occupation Category’ – Lifeguards


Snakes Alive

This is not my normal type of photo, but it is, the day that I came to like a snake.  We were at a country fair somewhere in the county of Rutland in June 2016, and there was the normal type of things like tractors and sheep dogs etc, but there was also the snake man, no ….not really…. but thats what I called him.  We walked into a tent and there was the snake coiled around the keepers neck, I have no idea what type of snake it was  but the colours were beautiful…. I was seeing the snake through the lens of a camera in my mind, it was beautiful.  I knew I wanted to catch the snakes forked tongue darting out, but it was so quick, but then I got my photo (the last photo on the post)……look at the pattern on the scales, it looks like a row of pointy teeth, just like the real thing.  I was just really pleased that the photos came out ok, of course if I had come across the snake in the long grass….it was have been a totally different story.  I also thought it was a good one for my Occupation Category, Wildlife Keeper.