This is a category for black & white photos of just street photography, just trying to capture them in a moment of time.

A Tiny Christmas Jumper

This photo is blurry, as the train started to move the moment I clicked, but I like it.   The reason why I saved it, this little chap is on his first visit by steam train to see Father Christmas, and he is wearing a tiny Christmas jumper.  

Taken on Sheringham Train Station in Norfolk. 

The Lost Christmas Jumper

I took this photo last year 2016……I must have had a thing about Christmas jumpers last year, can’t really remember, but I seem to have taken a few photos of them 🙂  This one was taken on Sheringham Train Station on the North Norfolk Coast.

The Christmas Jumper

I took this photo last year 2016, in the centre of Maidstone in Kent.  I love the way the Pumpkin Heads are trying to muscle in on Christmas, but I reckon that full on jumper could see them off any day, with a little help from the Santa Hats 🙂

Through A High Speed Train Window

Last year, 2016, we travelled to Venice, Italy by train, in fact about a dozen trains there and back.  The first part of the trip was by Euro Star from London to Brussels, there wasn’t that much to see through the window, and anyway we were moving way too fast.  Brussels to Frankfurt was more interesting, and the train had slowed down, just a little, so I could take a few photos through the window.  It is quite amazing what you can see, a little different than a car window, so here are just a few shots of what I found interesting.  After Frankfurt we changed trains again to take us for an overnight stop in Munich, and a very early morning walkabout of the city……to follow.


Horns – AC/DC Concert

We went to see a AC/DC concert in July 2015, I just cannot believe it was that long ago.  There was one photo I took that I really liked, but then lost it, but now I have found it…… the plus side of sorting photos 🙂  It was a wonderful concert, I couldn’t hear for a week, always a good sign 🙂