This is a category for black & white photos of just street photography, just trying to capture them in a moment of time.

On The Streets of Florence, Italy

Just a few mono photos of the streets of  a very wet Florence, Italy, from last years visit of 2016, well that’s not counting the owl bag.  I really loved that bag, but not the price tag that went along with it, you could, buy a very small house for the price of that owl…….so I just took a photo…..a lot cheaper 🙂

Train Waiting

We were in Munich Train Station, October 2016, and while we were waiting for our train, I got snap happy.  I love taking photos in train stations, people are normally too busy or engrossed in what they are doing, to even notice anyone with a camera.  I just loved the shape of this seating, like a big pair of glasses.

October 2016