This is a category for black & white photos of just street photography, just trying to capture them in a moment of time.

Goodbye Dad

We said goodbye to my Dad yesterday, it was a lovely farewell.  This is not a sad post, David was nearly 91 and had a good long life, although ill for the last nine months, went as he wanted to, in his sleep at home two weeks ago, with my step mum and myself by his side. The photo is of my youngest grandson Oscar and his great-grand father David, taken at Dads wedding last August 2017.

God Bless, Dad xxx

A Tent of Spinners

I thought this was quite a good photo for my Occuption Category, Spinners with their Spinning Wheels.   Taken at a show we went to somewhere in Lincolnshire, I just popped into the tent and took a quick shot. I loved the way they were all just sat around really enjoying themselves 🙂

An Island Road

I am in black & white mode at the moment, and came across this photo again, which I posted a few years ago.   I love the cow just ambling along, there had been a herd go pass a few seconds before I shot this photo, but there were too many, one was plenty to go with the figures.  We were on the Iona, an island off the West Coast of Scotland.  

They Only Ordered Soup

I love going to the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria.  We try to go each year, husband goes for the beer, I go for the photo taking opportunities, of which there are plenty inside the tents and out.  I just loved the look on this poor guys face, those trays are heavy.  

A good one for my ‘Occupation Category’ which as been a bit lapsed lately.


A Quick Seaside Snack

Taken this time last year, 2016, when it wasn’t blowing a gale or raining.  We went out today, to see if I could take some photos, but freezing cold rain did nothing to inspire me to even get the camera out of my handbag…….yes thats where it lives…… I have big handbags.  Anyway the photo was taken at the seaside in Sheringham on the North Norfolk Coast, a favourite spot to sit and have a bite to eat while watching the sea.

And The Winner Of The Christmas Jumper Is……..

In my last post, I explained I am trying to do a post on Sheringham Train Station on the North Norfolk Coast, but Christmas jumpers keep popping up.  I took the photo of my father-in-law, in the blue fleece talking to Father Christmas, oops no, I mean the train driver, but suddenly a Christmas jumper popped up.  Not just a jumper but the whole works, so if I was having a Christmas jumper competition, this would be the winner 🙂  I just hope no more pop up.