Steam Trains

Quite simply, I love steam trains.

A Train Ride to The Seaside at Sheringham, Norfolk



Back in the summer, 2017, we had relatives to stay, and we took them to travel on the steam train from just outside of Holt to Sheringham on the North Norfolk Coast.  When we reach Sheringham, we explored the lovely little seaside resort with them.  This is just to remind me that we do have nice weather, but today we had snow, which later turned into icy rain, not sure which I dislike the most…..the rain I think.  The first photo I took when we reached the beach, was this lovely family enjoying an old fashion day at the seaside.  

The first photos are of the train at different stops on the way and the rest are Sheringham in the sunshine.


Train Men

Sheringham Railway Station, in Norfolk, is one of my favourite haunts for taking photos.  Normally there are steam trains, but on this day in 2017, it was a diesel locomotive at work.  I switched my attention to the human element in making a train station run smoothly and a wonderful job they do and will go into my ‘Occupation Category’   I have left the last photo coloured, as the station is really something of a bygone age and looks equally good in b&w and colour.  

Santa’s Special, Sheringham Train Station, Norfolk

Santa’s Special Train was pulled by the Black Prince engine last year 2016, at Sheringham Train Station on the North Norfolk Coast.  We didn’t go on the trip, as my husband would not let me hijack a small child to see Santa, as our small grandson lives in Kent, so I just had to take photos instead.  I did take lots of Christmas jumpers, and many more, but this post is really about Santa’s Train and the people who make it happen 🙂


Window View

Last year, 2016, we went to Minehead in West Somerset and travelled on the train to Washford Station, this was so we could visit Cleeve Abbey.  The Abbey is beautiful and was on my bucket list to visit.  We thought it would be a lovely idea to incorporate the visit, with a trip on the steam train.  Unfortunately the train going was pulled by a diesel engine, but coming back we did have a steam engine.  I took some photos through the front window of the diesel train and just liked they way they are framed, a little different from the normal ones I take.

The Jacobite & Glenfinnan, Scotland


Every year when we go to the west coast of Scotland, we travel from Fort William to Mallaig along the ‘Romantic Road to the Isles’ its a must if you are visiting the West Coast of Scotland.  Even better if you can travel on the West Highland Railway Line.  The last time we manage to travel on the train, was 2012, you have to book about a year in advance, even then its touch and go.  So early last year 2016 we booked, we got some of the last seats, even booking that early.  We are making the trip in about three weeks time and looking back at last years photos I found some of our visit to one of the stations on the line, a very famous one at Glenfinnan.  Glenfinnan is where, in 1745, the ‘Jacobite Rising’ started and there is now a 60ft tall monument, which was built to commemorate the occasion.  Unfortunately the monument was having a facelift, but you get the idea how tall it is.  While we were visiting the station the train came in, ‘ The Jacobite’  it was quite a long stop as you are allow to disembark and take photos.  Once the train left the station, we jumped in the car and gave chase.  I wanted to catch the train going over a particular bridge very near to Mallaig and having missed it so many times in the past, I got lucky this time and got my train.  So I thought I better post last years 2016 trip, before this years 2017 trip 🙂





Left Luggage

I’m sure the pile of vintage luggage grows each year on Sheringham Train Station’s platform, in North Norfolk and now they need a guard to guard it 🙂  This is a lovely heritage steam train railway line, called the Poppy Line, and they have worked hard at preserving the station.  Its a nice place to go and have a cup of tea, with a railway bun, when you are visiting the seaside town of Sheringham. They actually have a really nice restored cafe on the platform and sell a lot more than just buns…..thought I had better mention that 🙂

Photo taken December 2016