The Jungfrau Switzerland

Coming Down The Mountain, The Jungfrau, The Swiss Alps

This is the last of my photos of our trip to the top of Europe in 2015, The Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps.  This is the return trip down from the Mountain and the glorious views that you can see from the trains.  We did have a wonderful trip and this is really to remind me of how much we enjoyed it.  The photos are of the views from the two different trains that we travelled on……at one point it was very steep, but we stayed on the rails 🙂

Eating Sandwiches on a Glacier – The Jungfrau, The Swiss Alps

The Top of Europe 2015, The Jungfrau Experience in The Swiss Alps and what an experience.  This is one way of experiencing the nearest thing to being a mountain climber that you can get, with out using a rope.  After three train journeys we reached the top, we then spent some time looking at the views through the large windows, then we ventured outside to really see the views.  Totally jaw dropping amazing, for me anyway, as I’m not very good with heights, but I soon overcame any fears, it was just so beautiful.  Next we explored inside the mountain.  I found some photos of how the tunnels were made, and you can also see the very last part of the tunnel dug into the mountain.  There is an ice cave, which I have posted about, and a display on making Swiss Chocolate.  After making our way down some very long tunnels, we came out on to the glacier……..we sat on deckchairs and had our sandwiches, with a coffee we bought from the Glacier Bar, it was perfect, just like being at the seaside, but instead of sand, snow.  We sat and enjoyed watching others enjoying all the snow activities, and then made our way to the next train to leave the Top of Europe.   I have added a few photos of the train trips down the mountain.


Climbing A Mountain The Easy Way, By Train – The Jungfrau, Switzerland


You travel on three trains to reach the Top of Europe, we caught the first train at Interlaken, Switzerland in 2015, and two more took us up to the top of the Jungfrau.  The last train travels through the interior of the mountain, and then if the cloud is clear, you enter another world.  Just a few photos of the trip up to the top, they are not as clear as I would like, as they were taken through the train windows.  The Top of Europe Experience will hopefully follow shortly.

Mountain Climbers, The Jungfrau, Switzerland


At the top of the Jungfrau, in Switzerland, you can sit out on the Glacier and have your lunch looking at the views.  Sometimes you even get to see a mountaineer close up.  Mind you, they are normally little specks out on the ice, but I got lucky, two actually walked by us.  As quick as a flash, I ask if I could take a photo, and yes that was fine.  I really just wanted them to keep walking, but they stopped and waited for me to take a couple photos, but I think they are ok, not too staged.  These two young men had climbed the mountain to the top in the morning and had just come down.  They were not even puffing, I am the other hand, could hardly breath and had to walk very slowly, we were all told on the train before getting off, that you must walk slowly, or else you would get ill.

Great ones for my Occupation Category – Mountain Climbers

From our visit of 2015



Grindelwald Village, The Jungfrau, Switzerland


On our first visit to the top of the Jungfrau, in Switzerland two years ago, we stopped at one of the mountain villages on our way back down.  There are several stops that you can make if you fancy an ice-cream or just have a wander around and then catch the next train down.  We choose Grindelwald, as it seemed one of the larger stops.  The weather at the top of the Jungfrau, had been spectacular, we had gone through the clouds and it was a perfect blue sky.  But as we sat in a cafe garden eating our ice-cream…..yes we had ice-cream, it was wonderful and so was the coffee…..the cloud started to thicken and it brought a chill to the air, the weather here can change in a flash.  So we finished and walked back to the train station and caught the next train, we were just in time, the rain came down, that mountain rain is cold stuff, and I for one, was pleased to get on the train.  But we had spent a couple of hours enjoying Grindelwald, with is amazing mountain views, I couldn’t stop taking photos of them and that ice-cream was yummy……















Snow Walking


A lone walker on the top of the world – The Jungfrau

On our first visit to the top of the Jungfrau in Switzerland, 2015, we had beautiful weather, last years visit 2016, well it was a wipe out, nothing to see just cloud, but you take your chance.  Looking through the photos, I realise I have posted very little, so I thought I would post a few, as the trip was pretty spectuclar in 2015, we will not mention 2016 🙂

The Top Of Europe Experience, The Jungfrau, Switzerland


We are off on our travels again tonight and we are revisiting an experience we really enjoyed last year.  I can’t believe its nearly a year ago that we travelled to the top of Europe, The Jungfrau in Switzerland. Three train trips take you to the top and the views are spectacular, taking you above the cloud into another world.  Also I can’t believe I haven’t done any posts on our trip, but I’m so far behind with my photos, but maybe this time its an advantage, because we are going from a very hot Uk to apparently five days of rain in the Swiss Alps.  We will be fine above the cloud, which is the most important thing, so if we do have nasty weather below cloud, I will just use last years photos, as the weather then was stunning.  The reason we are revisiting, its to take my husband’s Mum and Dad up the mountain as both have been very ill, with heart and cancer problems.  At the moment, both are quite well, but you have to grab the chance when you can to make lovely memories, and fingers crossed, thats what we will do on this holiday 🙂





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