Towns, Villages & Views of England

Something new…I thought I would try and post some of the Towns & Villages that we visit on our quest for churches etc.

A Snap Shot of Harrogate, Yorkshire

In 2015, I must have had a thing about black & white, as I have found some more photos while sorting through my never ending collection, this time Harrogate in Yorkshire.  I think these were odd ones that I had taken, when taking photos of the ‘The Valley Gardens’ in the town.  They are a random collection of captures, but hopefully give a tiny insight into this lovely Yorkshire Town.  Hopefully the garden will follow shortly, but this time in colour.

Harrogate is a town in North Yorkshire, England, east of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Its heritage as a fashionable spa resort continues in the Montpellier Quarter with the Royal Pump Room Museum, documenting the importance of local mineral springs. Nearby is the restored, Moorish-style Turkish Baths & Health Spa. To the west, leafy Valley Gardens features the art deco Sun Pavilion.


Ledbury, Market Town, Herefordshire

Ledbury is a lovely little Market Town in the beautiful county of Herefordshire, which we visited in February 2015.  While I have been sorting photos, I found a group the I had sorted and were meant to be a post…….but thats as far as they went.  As we have spent the whole day in the garden, due to the wonderful weather we are having again, and gardening, not sunbathing……I thought I would use the photos, shame not to, as they do portray a wonderful little town.  

The Market House in the centre of the town was built in 1617

The church spire of St Michael & All Angels.

There was a small antiques fair in St Katherine’s Chapel & Hall…… I did come away with some lovely old crystal glasses…. one of my weaknesses lol. 

Ledbury is full of lovely little shops, eating places and many more interesting building.  It has that wonderful feeling of how all ‘English Market Towns’ would have looked, but many towns have now lost that timeless appeal.  You could almost imagine it has been the venue for a ‘Murder Mystery’ book, maybe it has.


Village Sign & Church, St Mary’s, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

The name Horncastle derives from Hurncastre or Hyrnecastre which means ‘fortress or camp in the corner’ and which refers to its position of the town between the rivers Bain and Waring.  I was hoping it meant there was a castle to explore when we visit last year 2016.  I did find out later there are some remaining roman walls…..well nearly a castle.  It does have a very nice church, which could have had a nice interior, but like a lot of other Lincolnshire churches, it was well and truly locked.  I am not sure why, as it was a Sunday afternoon and is situated in the centre of a lovely little town and it was in the summer, I really did think it would be open…… I did feel very disappointed.  Also no church on the village sign, but the weather made up for everything, as it was one of those beautiful sunny Sunday afternoons, where you stroll around and just enjoy the sunshine.

The town was built on a Roman Fort, hence the Roman Soldier on the village sign.  There is also the town square, which was granted a market charter in the 13th century and still has a market twice week.  Also a great annual horse fair, was held every August, which again started in the 13th century, and continued until the last one in 1948.  

The memorial featured on the village sign is Stanhope Memorial.  

A little history about it …….Edward Stanhope MP was born in London in 1840 but became a respected benefactor to Horncastle and its people. So much so that, when he died in 1893, a memorial was erected in the Market Place, leaving residents with a permanent reminder of his generosity.  Today, the Stanhope Memorial, by E. H. Lingen Barker, still dominates the town market place, distinct with its three octagonal steps and moulded plinth. The memorial itself is fashioned from limestone ashlar, red sandstone, pink and grey streaked marble.

I did take a few photos of the church, but its quite a difficult church to capture, hemmed on one side and quite a few trees in the churchyard on the other. The original structure dates back to circa 1250 and all the evidence points to there being an earlier Saxon Minster on the site, and quite possibly, a Roman church before that. The Church also has strong connections with the Lincolnshire rebellion of 1532 against the policies of King Henry VIII.  From what I have read, the interior sounds interesting, but it also sounds like the Victorians, in saving the building from collapsing, might have over restored the medieval remains in 1859-61, by Ewan Christian.  Still I will have to wait and see on the next visit.  The town is also well known for its antique shops, but of course it was Sunday when we visited, so another good reason to revisit.

Charmouth, World Famous Fossil Beach, West Dorset


We had a short break away last week and we ended up staying in Charmouth, in Dorset.  Once we had booked into our hotel, we headed for the world famous fossil beach and thankfully the rain had stopped, although it was still windy.  There were people on the beach, but we just stopped for a quick photo shot, as we were hopefully coming back the next day to hunt fossils and to take more photos of this wonderful coastline.




February 2017

Swans of Wroxham, Norfolk

Wroxham is a small town on the Norfolk Broads, I suppose you could say, it’s the centre of the Broads. During the summer you can not move for tourists most of who are there to have a boat trip on the Broads….. I have made the trip twice over the years and on a sunny day is well worth the effort of a packed boat.  But on Bank Holiday Monday, the town was nearly empty, just a few wrapped up bodies against the cold, wandering around.  The whole place was closed down, but thank goodness the loo’s were open, on the way to them you pass by the water edge, and as always there were a large amount of swans, but this time I could take some photos…..can’t normally get near them.  Then we were back in the car and on our way to the next church in our ‘Round Tower Church’ crawl…….no church post today, as the internet is playing up and taking forever to download photos.

January 2017