The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Following on from our road trip around Skye last week, May 2017, I wanted to capture the The Old Man of Storr in black & white on this visit.  The Storr is a rocky hill on the Trotternish peninsula, and the hill presents a steep rocky eastern face overlooking the Sound of Raasay, contrasting with gentler grassy slopes to the west.  The Old Man is in fact, just one element in an array of fantastic rock features, and looking at the photo, he is the tall rock formation on the right.  There is a spectacular walk to the famous summit, passing through the iconic landscape of the Sanctuary with many different rock formations.  This is something we have yet to do, although I quite like, just taking photos of the stunning landscape.  Also there never seems to be an empty parking place, and it was only May, hate to think what it is like in the height of the summer.  But I got my photos, then we did find somewhere to park nearby and have our picnic, overlooking the Sound of Ramsay, a stunning view to accompany our sandwiches.

Talisker Distillery, Carbost, Isle of Skye, Scotland

This was our second visit to Talisker Distillery on the Isle of Skye, May 2017.  Unfortunately or fortunately in my husband eyes, was the fact that had I lost my photos of five years ago, and I wanted to revisit to take more for my ‘Whisky Distilleries Category’.  So he was quite happy to stop on our road trip of the Island, so I could retake photos, but this time there were quite a few visitors, many more than before.  Whisky is now making quite a comeback and you would be amazed at the amount of different languages that you hear……its good for Scotland, especially for the islands, as it means work, in fact there are three brand new distilleries that I heard about, that have been built recently.  We did visit one which I will post about later, but back to our visit of Talisker.

A little history for you …….Talisker’s founders, brothers Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill were classic Clearance landlords. Having bought the rent of Talisker House on Skye and extensive lands in 1825, they set about forcibly shifting the resident population from their farms, either to new settlements at Carbost and Portnalong on the shores of Loch Harport and Portnalong, or off the island entirely.  In 1830, they opened their Talisker distillery in Carbost using the cleared populace as its workforce. Their venture into whisky-making was not a success and by 1848 the bank was in control. For the next three decades Talisker stumbled through a series of other owners who found it hard to keep afloat a distillery which is remote even by 21st century standards.  In 1880, Talisker’s fortunes changed when Roderick Kemp and Alexander Allen bought the distillery and proceeded to expand the site and construct a distillery pier – until then all the casks had to be floated out to waiting ships.  Eventually after many years a grouping of major blender morphed into Diageo.  In 1960, the distillery burned down and was silent until 1962 while it was being rebuilt, in to what you see now.  

May 2017


Isle of Skye, Scotland, Road Trip – Part 1

Just to show that we did have some nice weather on our holiday in Scotland last week, May 2017.  We went to Skye on one of the sunny days and we always do a round the island road trip.  Each year I always manage to see different views, and the weather can also change everything within a few seconds.  This is a two part post and please forgive any blobs, as quite a few photos, well nearly all of them, were taken through the front windscreen……and no matter how many times you clean the screen, those pesky flies are back again, leaving their imprint, the blob.  So here are few of my impressions of Skye, with a few more to follow.

May 2017

Ornsay Lighthouse 1857, Isle of Skye, Scotland

This lighthouse was a lovey surprise, we were on Skye last week, May 2017, an island off the west coast of Scotland, on the Sleat Peninsular, the garden of Skye, looking for a Whiskey Shop.  Visiting Whiskey shops and distilleries are a reward for my husband, for driving me everywhere, so I can take photos from the car…… but having visited so many now, I quite like the taste and some times it works in my favour.  This time is really did, as we were coming out of the shop, I noticed in the distance a lighthouse on a small island.  We drove as near as we could, but it was still quite a distance, but I managed to get some shots of another ‘Stevenson Lighthouse’ for my collection.  What I found amazing, is that they are always in the most wonderful locations and some in the most amazing places, far out at sea on a small rock, not sure that I will get to visit many of those.

What we had been looking at was ‘Ornsay Lighthouse’ on the islet of Eilean Sionnach, off the tidal island of Ornsay.  The lighthouse cottages were once owned by the author Gavin Maxwell of ‘Ring of Bright Water’ fame and the lighthouse was built in 1857 by Thomas and David Stevenson, it is a masonry tower with gallery, lantern and keeper’s house. The apparatus installed entered in service on 10 November 1857 and became automated in 1962.

May 2017



Being A Tourist – Isle of Skye, Scotland

We are back from our Scottish holiday…..this was definitely a holiday of two parts.  One of sunshine and one of rain…..lots of rain and mist.  We didn’t get to visit some of the islands that we wanted to explore, because we had some nasty storms that stopped the ferries from sailing.  Although we did get to visit Gigha, an island off the west coast of Kintyre, on one of the rare sunny days.  I also managed to get two new Stevenson Lighthouses for my collection, I even climbed 140 steps to the top of one.  A few castles and churches, but most of the time, just trying to keep the camera dry.  Luckily the last two days before we left for home, were beautiful, you then forget about the rain and mist…..well nearly.  We went to the Isle of Skye on one of the days, and this is just one of the photos I took from the car window on a round the island trip.  

I did have trouble with my laptop, hence no posts, but its ok now and I just have to sort the photos out,  but as always, its nice to be home 🙂

May 2017


From Feolin Ferry to Craighouse, Isle of Jura, Scotland

On our trip to Jura in 2016, the ferry from Islay, docked at Feolin and then we drove to Craighouse, the main settlement on Jura.  We were travelling to Jura for the Whisky Festival, but we also wanted to explore a little of the Island, which is beautiful, wild and remote.  This post is the trip to Craighouse and then a few of the harbour, there are a few islands in the harbour and collectively they are called The Small Isles.  The weather wasn’t that great, it started fine, but progressed to brolly and mac, in a very short time, but it was still very beautiful.  More to follow.

May 2016

Romantic Milestone, Isle of Jura, Scotland

In two days, we are going to Scotland for our May holiday, but this year we are going for eighteen days.  We have never been away from home this long before, and have lots of things planned, but I have a horrible feeling the weather is not going to be as nice this year, as it was last year.  We have been very lucky in the past, so fingers crossed we get a few rain free days 🙂  I still have lots of photos from last year, but I shall just keep posting them.  I found this milestone in 2016 (I collect photos of milestones and have a category for them) at Craighouse, the only main settlement on the Isle of Jura.  I think it says Craighouse one mile to the Ferry, until thirty years ago you could catch a car ferry direct from the mainland, but now there is only the car ferry from Islay.  There is small high speed ferry from the mainland for foot passengers, so the milepost could be of use again.  But this post is really where the sign is positioned, just look at that view, beautiful.

May 2016