Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned on Islay, Scotland

When we were driving on the Isle of Islay in May 2016, I kept a look out for abandoned houses, to be truthful, there aren’t that many compared to other islands.  This little one is situated on the side of a hill and it was a quick point and press as we passed.  I think its Victorian and reminds me of the Fairy Cottage, which is painted blue and white and is on the other side of the Island.  Who knows, maybe one day someone will restore this cute little cottage. 

May 2016


Restoration Projects – Scotland

Some of you will know that I cannot pass an abandoned building without taking a photo or two.  Most of the time the photos are taken out of the car window, so on a few of these photos there are some windscreen marks….it had been raining and made a nasty mess on the glass.  But then again these photos are for recording these old cottages, as I am sure they are gradually reverting to nature every year that we pass.  The are all to be found on the road from Oban to Fort William on the west coast of Scotland and are from our visit in May 2106.

DSC_0580 (1)

Also how much longer will we see old corrugated iron buildings like this village hall, I have a feeling a new category could be in the making 🙂

Empty Homes, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Just a couple of the many photos that I took back in 2014, of empty homes, they hold a fascination for me.  I took so many on our trip to the Outer Hebrides, drove the other half mad.  Here are a couple I took in North Uist from the car window, both look as if they could still be in use, one way or another, not as derelict as some that we came across.

DSC_0678 - Version 2

Abandoned In The Fens

There’s not many houses abandoned where we live in Fens, but now and again you do see the odd one.  Saw this one on a very misty morning and it just made the house look quite mysterious…….could be the makings of a story……, but then again it would be a sad one, so I think I will give it a miss and think happy thoughts 🙂

ve in the Fens

John O’Groats Mill, Caithness, Scotland

DSC_0752 - Version 2

I am still sorting photos and I keep coming across photos that I have taken from the car window, husband driving not me.  I will take a shot of anything that looks remotely interesting and hopefully I can investigate it later.  I am way behind with some Scottish photos of 2014, lots of castles and bits of ruins taken from a distance.

This wonderful building is ‘John O’Groats Mill’ in Caithness, Scotland.

The Mill was originally built as a threshing mill in 1750 and was rebuilt in 1901 as a corn mill. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, Caithness was known for its corn production and exported meal to ports across Scotland and the rest of Europe. The site is a key example of industrial heritage in the area and is believed to be the last mill in Caithness to retain its working machinery.

DSC_0945 - Version 2