Toffee Makes Friends

When our youngest little dog, Toffee, was a puppy, he loved making friends.  He is such a friendly little dog, and so happy to met everyone, he still is…….but he was such a cute little puppy, just like a little teddy bear.  I came across these photos recently when he was about four months old and thought when looking, that the lady looked like she could eat him, as he looked so cute 🙂

Snakes Alive

This is not my normal type of photo, but it is, the day that I came to like a snake.  We were at a country fair somewhere in the county of Rutland in June 2016, and there was the normal type of things like tractors and sheep dogs etc, but there was also the snake man, no ….not really…. but thats what I called him.  We walked into a tent and there was the snake coiled around the keepers neck, I have no idea what type of snake it was  but the colours were beautiful…. I was seeing the snake through the lens of a camera in my mind, it was beautiful.  I knew I wanted to catch the snakes forked tongue darting out, but it was so quick, but then I got my photo (the last photo on the post)……look at the pattern on the scales, it looks like a row of pointy teeth, just like the real thing.  I was just really pleased that the photos came out ok, of course if I had come across the snake in the long grass….it was have been a totally different story.  I also thought it was a good one for my Occupation Category, Wildlife Keeper.

What About Me

Last year 2016, when we were in Landsberg, Bavaria, I spotted this little cutie.   I love taking photos of dogs, and this little one caught my eye, you just knew there was a question in the air……as the children were drinking from the fountain…, what about me, I need one too.  There followed an amazing little sequence.  

I’m still waiting…..

Finally, Mum has noticed…….so happy, jumping for joy 🙂

Now I just need to dry off 

Our Dog Nipper


I found a photo of Nipper our Yorkshire Terrier, normally you can’t see his lovely black button eyes, but I think he had a fringe trim at the kennels.  We have a wonderful kennels where the dogs love going, which is good for all of us.  Anyway, Nipper is about seven years now, he has got a bit portly, but has lost a lot of weight on his diet……. although he is sure that I’m starving him.  He nearly lost his eyesight a couple of years ago and had to go through some quite nasty treatment.  He was suppose to have drops three times a day for the rest of his life……well that was never going to happen…..he hated it, after all the treatment he had, he had enough.  So I stopped them, he eyes were fine, until the pollen count went up, he eyes got bad….he had hay fever.  So now if the pollen count is high, he stays indoors. and if they get really bad, he will let me put drops in, but mostly he is ok.  His name isn’t because he nips, where I come from, the name nipper is given to a young lad, so Nipper it is.  He is a bit of a loner, since he lost his soul mate, Rocky a big German Shepherd, he was with Rocky when Rocky had a heart attack and died, poor Nipper was never the same afterwards.  He was more Rocky’s dog than ours, they did everything together, which was nice, as Rocky hated every other dog, but he loved Nipper.  He endures the other three dogs, but I’m not sure he would miss then if they disappeared or if he would really even notice if they had, bless him 🙂


Boxing Day 2016


As it was such a beautiful sunny day here in the Fens today, we went for a drive……..well it actually turned into an all day one, the blue skies just kept us going and we ended up driving into Suffolk, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and back along the coast.  Although the sun shone, the temperature has suddenly dropped from Christmas Eve and is now cold, which is what it should be for this time of year.  We passed lots of lovely churches, I did manage one round tower and two ancient churches, a ruin and noted some for a further trip…… but I still have my cold and I know that I’m still not well, as I would have tried to have visited a lot more, the cold weather was getting the better of me……..churches are not the warmest of places, but at least they were all open, even though it was Boxing Day.  The peacocks, well at the start of our journey, we passed Peacock City, a name I given an old run down farm not too far from where we live in the Fens, it is such an amazing place, there are peacocks everywhere.  They lay in the dry ditches, in the woods and the old farmyard, dozens of them.  I only managed to get a few photos today, as the majority of them were in the ditches and in deep shadows, not good for taking photos.  Hopefully church posts will follow soon.



Boxing Day 2016