Blue Sky

Blue Skye, Scotland

When we were on Skye, Scotland, a couple of weeks ago, we stopped on our ’round island road trip’ to have a picnic.  I’m not sure that we have had one, with such a breathtaking view before.  I think…..we were looking at Applecross on mainland Scotland, with the little island of Rona in the foreground, but I’m not a 100% sure.  The sky had a slight haze, which made everything in the distance have an ice blue tint, it was far more beautiful than I could really capture, but they are a lovely reminder of a beautiful picnic.

May 2017

Summer Blues


I have to have some warm sunshine in my life at this time of the year.  Today was lovely and sunny, but very cold, so this photo takes me back to a lovely day in the summer, when we explored the Norfolk Boards.  These lovely old buildings are on the marina near St Olave’s Priory, St Olaves, Norfolk.