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A Road Trip On The Isle of Jura, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Looking back through my photos, I realised that I haven’t really posted much about Jura, an Inner Hebridean Island on the west coast of Scotland, and our trip to the only whisky distillery on the island.  So I thought I better rectify that before our 2018 Scottish holiday, in fact the Jura trip was 2016…..where does time go.  We spent a couple of days on the island, and the first morning before the whisky festival started, we went for a drive from Craighouse, the main settlement which is at the southern end of Small Isle Bay, to see how far we could go on the islands only main road.  We did quite well, but in the end, husband refused to go any further due to the condition of the road, so he said…….but I know, he really just wanted to go back and start tasting the whisky, which is one of his favourites. I will post later about the whisky tasting, and an old burial site I found.  The photos are a record of the drive, with the Paps of Jura, three mountains on the western side of the island, which are always in the background.

Clevedon Pier, North Somerset

According to Sir John Betjeman, Clevedon Pier in North Somerset, is the most beautiful pier in England, I think he had a point, it’s so dainty, if a pier can be called that.  We were visiting nearby in 2016, so took the chance to have a look.  I’m so glad we did, even through the weather was a little grey, and it did start to drizzle by the end of our visit, the views of England’s only Grade 1 listed pier, with Victorian Pagoda, opened in 1869, was well worth it……its so pretty and dainty.  I am so use to seeing big chunky piers, that this one was a bit of a shock, and also that I had never seen it before.  

We didn’t get the chance to explore the pier as we were short of time, but this little castle like building is where you would buy your entry ticket.  However since our visit, I have read that there s a new visitor’s centre, so maybe you would buy your tickets there now.  I had added some photos of the little steam train that is in the park, and a couple of Toffee when he was a puppy, plus a few black and white photos.  A very enjoyable way of spending a couple of hours.


Walking The Dome, London

Last year we visited The O2 on Greenwich Peninsula, London, which use to be the The Millennium Dome. It was also referred to simply as The Dome, which the original name of a large dome-shaped building, originally used to house the Millennium Experience, a major exhibition celebrating the beginning of the third millennium of the Anno Domini calendar era.  We never visited when it was the Millennium Dome, so I was really interested to see what the interior looked like, of course it now houses a very large entertainment centre, but it should still be interesting.  Driving into the carpark, I suddenly saw ants on the roof, well they looked like ants, people walking over the top of the dome.  Apparently you can pay to walk across the top. The view must be amazing, but not for me, I just took a few photos and wished them luck, as it started to rain and the wind had picked up…….we scurried inside to find our seats.

A Floating Hotel, Sunborn Yacht Hotel, London

Still sorting photos, as the rain has decided to stay around for a while, but its good to catch on some photos…….In 2016 we stayed overnight on a Sunborn Yacht Hotel in the Royal Victoria Dock, London.   It was a lovely surprise, as I had no idea where we were going to spend the night after a meeting we had attended nearby, but didn’t think it would be floating on water.  I’m trying to do posts on some of the different places we have stayed, I have done a few, but somehow missed this one.  I must admit, I enjoyed every minute of my mini cruise 🙂

A few details……Sunborn London is a Yacht Hotel S160, providing around 10,000m² of beautifully designed floorspace and incorporating elegant guest accommodation, restaurants, leisure areas, conference and events facilities. Equipped to four-star luxury standards, the yacht is tailor-made for its London mooring using the highest standards in construction, safety and technology to meet the highest specifications.

Christmas In St Peter’s Church, Walpole St Peter, Norfolk

Finally a post on the beautiful Church of St Peter in Walpole St Peter in Norfolk.  This is one of my favourite churches, and I have been using many of the photos taken in 2016, for this years Christmas 2017.   It is going to be a difficult Christmas for us this year, my Father is seriously ill, my Mother in Law also, but on top of her illness, she had a major heart attack on Tuesday morning, but she is doing well.  For all that, we are determined, to make the best of everything and make their Christmases very special.  In fact we are really looking forward to some Christmas magic, and I am sure it will happen with a little help 🙂  But back to the church, each year St Peter’s is decorated so beautifully, and hopefully after the holidays I will be able to visit and take some photos of this years decorations.  The last photo is of my husband, who is very important in helping me with my blog, for taking me more or less where ever I want to go, and also for putting up with my never ending desire to see more of our wonderful world 🙂

Coming Down The Mountain, The Jungfrau, The Swiss Alps

This is the last of my photos of our trip to the top of Europe in 2015, The Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps.  This is the return trip down from the Mountain and the glorious views that you can see from the trains.  We did have a wonderful trip and this is really to remind me of how much we enjoyed it.  The photos are of the views from the two different trains that we travelled on……at one point it was very steep, but we stayed on the rails 🙂