Combine Harvester

Dusty Combine Harvesters

A few weeks ago, before we went on holiday, all around us in the Fens the air was thick with dust, they had the big combine harvesters in the fields.  Now back from holiday, yesterday I noticed they are now harrowing, just glad the dust has settled until next year, when it all starts again.

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Just Before Dusk


I am sorting through church photos and came across this one of a combine harvester that I took from the car window in Lincolnshire, August 2016.  It was just before dusk and the sky had turned pink.  I have added a tint, because I just wanted to give it a faded look of the past.

Driving A Combine Harvester, Norfolk

DSC_0801 - Version 5

I am stalking the fields around where we live at the moment for combine harvesters, and I had a ‘field’ day on Sunday, they were out in force.  This photo was the best one, parked the car where we knew he would be turning and waited…..well worth it.  I like this in colour as well as black & white, but for my occupation series it has to be monochrome.

Bringing Home The Harvest



The wheat in the field opposite us had turned a beautiful golden colour and with all the sunshine was ready for the big cut.  On the way home last night we were greeted by the big combine harvester, which worked steadily up until about 10pm. They can carry on in the dark with the aid of the big headlights, infact he finished one field and then move on to finish a field at the back of us and you could see the lights sweeping up and down the field.  By the time we came home tonight all the fields had been cut and all in the dry.  The photos are not that great because I used husbands phone, although I did have my camera, the battery was flat… iPhone to the rescue.  But the colour was awful, so hence the black and white photos, which are ok because they are for my occupation category…..Bringing in the Harvest.

The Fens, near Kings Lynn in Norfolk 2014

IMG_0850 - Version 2

IMG_0858 - Version 2