Just Before Dusk


I am sorting through church photos and came across this one of a combine harvester that I took from the car window in Lincolnshire, August 2016.  It was just before dusk and the sky had turned pink.  I have added a tint, because I just wanted to give it a faded look of the past.

The Barn – USA


This wonderful barn is on my nieces American grandparents land…….. in Pennsylvania, USA

Please excuse the overhead wires, they are everywhere and in the end you just stop noticing them.  I did think about taking the lines out, but they are part of the landscape and so they remain 🙂

USA – June 2015

Deep Freeze Mountains, Scotland

 I am still sorting through photo’s and I came across theses spectacular views of ‘Deep Freeze Mountains’.  I took them on last years holiday in 2014, when we did a wonderful tour of Scotland in our motor home.  I read that this view, is just a small part of the Geopark in Sutherland, Scotland, which covers an area of 2000 square kilometers of dramatic scenery. The blue grey mountains of which there are many, have been likened to sleeping giant animals standing on their feet, each one unique……not sure if I could make out any shapes, but they were breathtaking to stand and wonder at 🙂

May 2015