In The Shade, Little & Large

Just sorting some photos for Orkneys Cathedral, when I came across these two.  Up to no good, making plans for a quick get away…….no, really they were very good and stayed at their post on the canal boat, under the shade and on the cushions….a dogs life 🙂

Sonic Ears

A couple of years ago we were on a train going through Europe, can’t actually remember which country, so Europe will do, when I saw this little face.  I’m not sure if this little cutie is a French Bulldog, hopefully someone will let me know.  He was so good and just watched what was going on in his little part of  world, all must have been ok, as he didn’t bark once.  But it’s the ears, they are just wonderful, and I’m guessing he didn’t miss much of what was going on around him.  

The Dogs of Shuttleworth Bedfordshire

Last year 2017, we visited Suttleworth in Bedfordshire to see an air show.  While we were waiting to see the vintage planes, I took photos of the canine visitors.

The Shuttleworth Collection is an aeronautical and automotive museum located at the Old Warden Aerodrome, Old Warden in Bedfordshire, England.  It is one of the most prestigious in the world due to the variety of old and well-preserved aircraft.


I just found this little photo of my youngest dog, Toffee, he is all grown up now.   He loved to make friends when he was a puppy, he still does, but he was fearless then……not so much now, he is a little bit more cautious.   I wish I had the follow up photo to the sniff, it was a kiss from Toffee to the big nose which was sniffing him…….I wondered if big dog was thinking ‘Dinner’

The Very Last Christmas Jumper – Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All

I found the last Christmas Jumper, I thought I had caught them all, but this one got away.  This Christmas Jumper is leading one of the large shaggy dogs, that pulls your Christmas tree that you have bought, back to your car in a little cart, at one of the garden centres we visit.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, and hopefully a peaceful New Year 🙂

Dogs of Zurich Train Station, Switzerland


While we were waiting for our train at Zurich Train Station, last year 2016, I got a bit bored and when I get bored, out comes the camera.  I think it was mainly to try and capture as many dog photos that I could, and then other things got captured between dog photos.  Well it kept me amused and out of harms way 🙂