In The Shade, Little & Large

Just sorting some photos for Orkneys Cathedral, when I came across these two.  Up to no good, making plans for a quick get away…….no, really they were very good and stayed at their post on the canal boat, under the shade and on the cushions….a dogs life 🙂

Cable Car & Cranes, Royal Victoria Dock, London


Mixed weather today in Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, sunny and warm mostly during the day, but rain tonight with possible thunder storms, never mind, we had three glorious days,  We visited an island today, which had three wonderful churches and the most amazing lighthouse, which I will post about when we come home.  

The above photos are some that I took when we were staying on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Royal Victoria Dock.  I have posted about our stay there, but forgot to post photos of the view from the hotel.  I love the dock cranes, they look like they are going to start striding across the dock at any moment.  I must admit I have not been on the little cable car or ever will, but I’m sure the view must be amazing.  

Fitton Oake, Elizabethan House, Wiggenhall St Germans, Near Kings Lynn In Norfolk


We have had another beautiful day in Landsberg, Bavaria, that makes 3 days in a row, wonder if it can make 4 🙂 Visited a monastery, a famous castle and drove into Austria, with wonderful mountain scenery, so lots to post about later when we are home.    

But this post is one I found in my photo library …….A couple of years ago, 2016, we went to buy some bathroom tiles, and where we bought them from, was a shop attached to an Elizabethan House.  The shop is now quite large, and when we returned to choose some kitchen tiles last year, I showed an interest in the house.  Having shown my interest, a nice lady disappeared and then returned with some photos of how the house had looked when the owners had bought it, before they had restored it.  How I would have loved to have taken photos of the building then, even just to have viewed it.  I think its dates  from 1577, I can’t see to find out much about the building, but it was just wonderful to see the photos.  I did mention at the time that I would use the photos in a post and the lady was agreeable to me using them.  Looking at the photos, the first four are the ones shown to me, and then two that I took on our visit, the view you can see from one of the shop windows.


Lynn Lumière – Kings Lynn, Norfolk

We have arrived in Landsberg am Lech in Bavaria, Southern Germany, and it is even hotter than home, the UK, so looking forward to some nice warm site seeing trips over the next few days.  I wasn’t going to post, as the hotel we stay in, their internet is not that good, but it would seem they have updated their system, so I can post 🙂  I have a few photos on my photo library that I want to use up, Iceland will have to wait until we get home, too much to sort out regarding the photos, and I am on holiday….  

The above photos are of Kings Lynn Lumière on the ancient custom house, they are on other iconic buildings in the town, but I only have the custom house at the moment, which is called ‘Night Sailors’.  The Lumière was to continue only until 2017, but it is such a success they have continue on some of the buildings.

From Kings Lynn website……..The immensely popular projections have been shown every evening since March 2015 as part of the Interreg IV funded cross-Channel Art, Cities & Landscape project between the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk and the Maison de la Culture d’Amiens.

Kings Lynn, Norfolk, 2018

Iceland Cruise 2 – Tilbury Port, Tilbury Fort & Shivering Sands Forts

We left Tilbury Port on 4th March 2018, on our cruise to Iceland.  Our first port of call would be Amsterdam in the morning, but before that, I did manage to photograph two different types of forts.  First a few photos of leaving Tilbury, which lies on the north shore of the River Thames, where there has been a port since 1886.

While we were on deck watching Magellan, our cruise ship, move slowly from the dockside, I noticed Tilbury Fort.  I had seen signs when we were coming into the Port, and wondered if we would see it.  Luckily the ship was going in the right direction, and we got a perfect view of a fort that protected London’s seaward approach from the 16th century through to the Second World War.  Henry VIII built the first fort here, and Queen Elizabeth I famously rallied her army nearby to face the threat of the Armada. The present fort is much the best example of its type in England, with its circuit of moats and bastioned outworks.  I took a load of photos, even though the light was being to fade, and of course it started to rain, but they turned out fairly well, against all the odds. 

The sightseeing did not end until we were sitting having a coffee outside on deck, under cover, when I suddenly saw strange shapes in the mist.  The rain was quite heavy by then (great way to start a holiday) but I started taking photos, as we were moving away from them quite fast.  Husband came back with a drink, and looking at them, said they were sea forts.  I had no idea what they were called, but had seen other photos of them, far better than mine, but I think mine have an eerily feel to them. Anyway, I have since found out they are called Shivering Sands Forts, there are also some others called Red Sand Forts, both are very similar sites.  Built with a central command tower surrounded by five other towers in a circle around it, with the searchlight tower slightly removed from the others.  They were operated as army and navy forts, and named after their designer, Guy Mansell.  The forts were decommissioned in the late 1950s, and later used for other activities including pirate radio broadcasting.   

Next stop Amsterdam, some windmills and clogs.


A Visit To Margate & Dreamland, Kent

On a visit to Margate, Kent in 2016, we visited Dreamland, a pleasure park on the sea front.  We had visited a few years ago, but its heyday was during the 50’s and 60’s, I found some photos on a wall of that era and took a few shots to compare, but unfortunately in 2016 it was not quite recapturing the past.  I have read that in 2017 the park was relaunched, so I think another visit is required to see any difference, before and after posts.  There has been a pleasure park on the site since 1880, and it would be wonderful if it is able to continue.

The above photos are the ones I found on the wall and the below photos are mine, just to compare.

I have also added a few random shots of Margate to capture a little of the seaside resort.