Dusty Combine Harvesters

A few weeks ago, before we went on holiday, all around us in the Fens the air was thick with dust, they had the big combine harvesters in the fields.  Now back from holiday, yesterday I noticed they are now harrowing, just glad the dust has settled until next year, when it all starts again.

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Home From The Hills


The views on our arrival home in the Fens, after spending a few days in Wales and its green rolling hills, we found flat yellow land.  They had been busy, and there is field after field of yellow gold, which will soon turn to rich brown earth, and then the growing will start again.


I was going to blog about a little white hill top chapel in Wales, but with the holiday and a hard day at work, tiredness has over come me….. getting too old 🙂

September 2016

Happy Sheep In Norfolk


I have just come to this photo and I remember how happy the sheep seemed to be, as they were just able to eat what they wanted.  I’m sure this happens all over the country, the sheep are allowed into the fields to finish off the old crops.  By the smell of it, this was an old cabbage field in Norfolk 🙂