The Beauty of the Iris

No… ok, I’m not going to start taking photos of plants, I diversify too much as it is, but I do love my garden, and one of my garden favourites is the majestic Iris, and followed closely by the Day Lilly.  I have about a dozen Iris and add to their number each year.  This is achieved by visiting a beautiful Iris Nursery, just outside of Kings Lynn in Norfolk.  I could spend hours just choosing which Iris I want next.   So the last time we were there, I decided I would take some photos, so I could choose for next year, but I still can’t choose, it will have to be chosen on the visit.  I wasn’t going to post them, but they are so beautiful, and someone else, might just like to look at them 🙂


The Passing of Summer

 I’m having a lot of difficulty in realising that Autumn is really here.  I love this time of year, but I am thinking that we didn’t really have much of summer this year.  I know we had a very hot late spring, but then it only seems like there were, just odd summer days dotted here and there.  Even looking back at my photos, we seem to have had more dull days, than hot beautiful sunny ones…..I know we should go to hot places for our holidays, well we did this year, the French Riviera, but it still managed to rain, although most of the time is was lovely hot sunshine.  So just a few late summer photos, to say farewell until next summer, when we do it all over again, but please, just a little less rain 🙂  Still…… I have an awful lot of sunny French photos to post, if I ever get around to sorting them out 🙂

Photos taken around the Fens in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, 2017

The Dancing Trees of Killerton House, Devon

Storting through some photos, I came across some that I had taken at Killerton House in Devon, March 2016……where does the time go.  We were visiting the house, and I noticed there was a chapel in the grounds, so of course we went off to explore.  It took a long time to find the chapel, only because I had to photograph nearly every tree that I came across…….I think they are amazing, they seem to be frozen in time, dancing to an ancient ritual.  There are many ancient trees around the garden and park, including gnarled old sweet chestnuts that were planted around 250 years ago……I think they are best dancers 🙂

The Old Higher Lighthouse, Isle of Portland, Dorset

The Higher Lighthouse is the second of three lighthouse on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, that we found on our visit a few weeks ago, in August 2017.  Dating back to 1716, the Old Higher Lighthouse was the first true lighthouse on Portland Bill, although there was a beacon on the site back as far as 1620.  Originally it was lit by sixteen oil burners named after their inventor, Argond, a Frenchman.  It was the first lighthouse to use Argond lamps and was also the first in the world to have a true reflector.

At one time, along with all other lighthouses, it was compulsorily purchased by Trinity House who were concerned that it was not always lit, making navigation around Portland doubly treacherous.
Rebuilt in 1869 it was visited by King George III who, when on one of his frequent trips to Weymouth, requested to see “this new lighthouse at Portland Bill”.  The Old Higher Lighthouse remained in use until 1906 when the current red and white lighthouse superseded it.

Doctor Marie Stopes (pioneer of birth control) owned the lighthouse from 1923 until 1958 and some of her many visitors included George Bernard Shaw, HG Wells and Thomas Hardy who came to tea with his wife.  During World War II Dr Stopes rented it out to naval officers who were visited by friends and family, including Margot Fonteyn (when a mere ballerina) and her mother.

The lighthouse was restored in the mid 1960’s and the cottages are now holiday homes, with access to the tower for the views from the reinstated lantern room.

Dusty Combine Harvesters

A few weeks ago, before we went on holiday, all around us in the Fens the air was thick with dust, they had the big combine harvesters in the fields.  Now back from holiday, yesterday I noticed they are now harrowing, just glad the dust has settled until next year, when it all starts again.

Occupation Category – Combine Harvesters  

Evening Light At Wells-next-to-Sea, North Norfolk

A few weeks ago, late August 2017, we visited Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coast.  I had a practise at taking some more evening photos.  But as we are still away in France, I was hoping to take some evening photos of Cannes on the French Riviera tonight, but the traffic was horrendous, so we gave up trying to get along the coast.  This morning we had a wonderful day driving through the French Alps and saw some amazing rock formations, which I will post later, but my laptop is still not letting me down load any new photos.  So while we are away, it will be old photos only 🙂  I must say their wifi in Grasse, where we are staying, is so fast, amazingly so.  Anyway hopefully tomorrow I will get to photograph some more old churches to go with the few that I have visited so far.