Roof Angels Galore


This is one of my favourite churches for roof angels, St John the Bapist, Stamford in Lincolnshire.   I cannot go pass without popping in to take some shots, so here are some more to add to the others.  It depends on the time of day, and they are quite high, as to the standard of the photos, but I really just like taking photos of them.  On this visit I did find some lovely pew ends, I actually looked down for once.

Angels On High

I haven’t posted any Roof Angels for a while, so here are the Roof Angels of St John The Baptist in Stamford, Lincolnshire.  We visit this church quite a lot and I never get fed up of taking ‘Roof Angel Photos’ and some friends 🙂



Christmas In St John The Baptist, Stamford, Lincolnshire

Every year we visit The Church of St John The Baptist in Stamford, Lincolnshire.  They have a Christmas card and decorations sale inside the church each year, also lots of dressed Christmas trees, which makes the church very colourful on a cold grey day.  Just a few photos from last years visit 2016.


Lifeguards, Mablethrope, Lincolnshire

For our last day on the French Riviera, we drove along the coast and visited some of the smaller resorts.  The weather has been hot, but a bit windy, which is good for us northern types, can’t handle too much heat.  Tomorrow we head north to another town for two nights and hopefully a few more churches.  So as I still can’t upload photos, I found some lifeguards from when we visited Mablethrope in Lincolnshire last year 2016, as we have seen lots of French lifeguards on this trip.  Also a good set of photos for my ‘Occupation Category’ – Lifeguards


Re-Visit Twin Lighthouses, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire

Today 12.09.17, in the South of France it was lovely and hot, we visited some beautiful churches, hill top towns and villages, also a picnic on the beach…….plus a few French Lighthouses.  Still cannot upload any photos, so I found some of a re-visit to the twin lighthouses at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, I wanted to see if  ‘The Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse’ was open, but I think we were too late.  Still I got some better photos of both lighthouses for my collection.  

Tomorrow we are visiting Monaco, should be interesting, as husband wants to drive around the roads, as if driving in the Grand Prix, well he has to have some reward for my churches 🙂 Then we might go into Italy and do a circuit up into the mountains, and then back to Grasse where we are staying.

West Lighthouse.

Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse, East Lighthouse.

In this view, you can just see the top of the West Lighthouse.

Twin Lighthouses, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire

I had forgotten that I had taken photos of the twin lighthouses at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, in 2015.  They were built, on the banks of the mouth of the River Nene in 1831 and designed by John Rennie, the architect of Waterloo Bridge and were originally built to commemorate the draining of the Great Fens and at that time the new entrance to the mouth of the River Nene.  The River Nene had been an important navigation for shipping and if a high tide occurred after dark, they were lit for approximately one and a half hours before and after high tide to guide ships through the sand banks and into the river. 

The lighthouse above, is on the west bank and now a private residence, but the one on the east bank, which is also private, has a little more history.

The east bank lighthouse has a fascinating history and was the home of the artist and conservationist, Sir Peter Scott, from 1933-39.  It is very likely that he began to formulate his ideas of conservation and wildlife at this time, as he adored the seclusion and peace.  The lighthouse was also used by Paul Gallico in his The Snow Goose story.  

From the lighthouse, there is the start of the Sir Peter Scott walk to King’s Lynn, or the reverse, this is about ten miles and is something on our wish list to do… the future.