Last year we had to have some trees felled, unfortunately due to age they had became too tall and they had become a little dangerous in high winds.  The above tree had actually been struck by lightening and was dangerous to the other trees surrounding it, but it has and will keep our wood burning stove going for quite a long time.  It was also quite interesting to watch. how they climbed the very tall trees, not something you see everyday. 

I think they are candidates for my ‘Occupation Category’

The Dogs of Shuttleworth Bedfordshire

Last year 2017, we visited Suttleworth in Bedfordshire to see an air show.  While we were waiting to see the vintage planes, I took photos of the canine visitors.

The Shuttleworth Collection is an aeronautical and automotive museum located at the Old Warden Aerodrome, Old Warden in Bedfordshire, England.  It is one of the most prestigious in the world due to the variety of old and well-preserved aircraft.


I just found this little photo of my youngest dog, Toffee, he is all grown up now.   He loved to make friends when he was a puppy, he still does, but he was fearless then……not so much now, he is a little bit more cautious.   I wish I had the follow up photo to the sniff, it was a kiss from Toffee to the big nose which was sniffing him…….I wondered if big dog was thinking ‘Dinner’

Graffiti in Brougham Castle, Cumbria

I have already posted about Brougham Castle in Cumbria, but I forgot to post about some graffiti that I found in the little chapel at the top of the keep.  I love finding old graffiti, maybe it would be better it there were none, but as man has always had the need to make his mark, its interesting to see how he made it down the ages.  The graffiti I came across in the keep it not the oldest I have found, and there might older on site, but I found some dated from the 1800’s……… I must say they were very neat.  

A Monochrome Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Southern Germany

On of my favourite places, Landsberg am Lech, in Bavaria, Southern Germany.  I have taken numerous amounts of photos of this enchanting town, lots of which I have posted before, so this time they have had the mono treatment.  I am just experimenting with them, as the shapes of the buildings seem to lend themselves to black and white . 

AC/DC Wembley London

We went to see the rock band AC/DC in concert in July 2015, although not really my thing, my husband loved every minute.  I enjoyed it for the sense of occasion and for the opportunity to take photos…… and a little of the music.  I have found lots of photos, that I had forgotten about, while having a massive clear out, it’s nearly as good as having a really, really good spring clean and getting rid of a load of unwanted junk 🙂

Also another one for my ‘Occupation Category’  Rock Band

Views of St Joseph Catholic Church & Interlaken, Switzerland

In 2016 we were in Interlaken, Switzerland, as we were staying in the centre, we had plenty of time to explore.  I had found a lovely little garden, and behind it was St Joseph Catholic Church.  We made our way to the church, finding the door, we found something quite unexpected.  The interior was modern, I can’t find any details, but I should think the building had been restored quite recently.  There are a few photos of Interlaken, but the weather was not camera friendly on that particular day.