Munich Germany

Julius K9 – Working Dog

I think Julius K9, is the name of the harness this german shepherd is wearing……..but what a great name for a dog.  Anyway for the purpose of the post, I name this dog Julius.  Julius I think is a security guard dog, rather than a police dog, going by his handlers uniforms.  We were in Munich, Bravia last year 2016, walking towards the Oktoberfest (the beer festival) when I saw Julius sitting calmly, waiting for something to happen, so he could spring into action and the reason for the muzzle….well he would most likely…..lick you to death 🙂  So Julius is straight into my ‘Occupation Category’  as security guard dog…..with handlers. 


Oktoberfest Shopping

I did wonder where all the lovely dresses came from, for dressing up for the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and when we went for our walkabout town, I found one of the sources.   There are special shops, just full of the wonderful costumes.  We did buy something each, my husband a blue and white checked shirt with a lovely dark blue waistcoat. I would have loved to have bought a dress, but I feel you should leave the lovely dresses for the Germans, well thats my story.  So I bought a woollen jacket and waistcoat that I can wear with jeans, and a small vintage brown leather handbag, as you are not allow to take large bags or rucksacks into the festival anymore. But being English, the part I liked best, everything was in the ‘Sale’ 🙂

Munich 2016

Me in Munich, Germany


I just loved the balls floating in the window of this shop, but the photo didn’t really come out as I intended…….I go me.  So just to prove I am on holiday and it was so hot here today in Munich, Germany, that I had to wear my Oktoberfest tee-shirt, which I bought yesterday, as I have brought all the wrong clothes away with me, thinking it would be cold, like Switzerland was a couple of weeks ago 🙂

October 2016

Another Type of National Costume


A slightly different costume I found at the Oktoberfest 2015, Munich, Germany,  I hate to say to it, but I have no idea what National Costume this is, shame on me, but I would love to know.  Anyway, this is the last photo, I have to get husband up now for his beer drinking trip 🙂 Hope you have enjoyed them, wonder what I will find this year 🙂