Christmas at Burnham Market, Norfolk

One of the places we like to visit, to get into the Christmas feel, is Burnham Market in Norfolk.  Unfortunately in 2016 it was raining, but it was still so magical, with all the trees lit up.

A Tiny Christmas Jumper

This photo is blurry, as the train started to move the moment I clicked, but I like it.   The reason why I saved it, this little chap is on his first visit by steam train to see Father Christmas, and he is wearing a tiny Christmas jumper.  

Taken on Sheringham Train Station in Norfolk. 

The Lost Christmas Jumper

I took this photo last year 2016……I must have had a thing about Christmas jumpers last year, can’t really remember, but I seem to have taken a few photos of them 🙂  This one was taken on Sheringham Train Station on the North Norfolk Coast.

Rest Awhile

A busy day of Christmas shopping, I think I have crossed all off my list, just as well, as they have forecasted that we will have about eight inches of snow tomorrow, Sunday.  Ha ha….. if thats happens then most of the UK will come to a grinding halt…….so hope its just a sprinkling.  We popped into a church today, but unlike the one in the photo, you couldn’t rest on a pew, due to a Christmas tree festival in progress, and pews, make nice shelves for sitting small Christmas trees on.  

The photo of the pews are in St Peter’s Church in Walpole St Peter, Norfolk, taken last year 2016.  If by chance we do have a heavy downfall of snow, husband has said he will drive me to St Peter’s, so I can take some snow photos of the exterior, and get some interior photos of the church dressed for Christmas this year 2017 🙂

Christmas Wreath

This beautiful Christmas wreath, is attached to very ancient wooden door, which stands in the corner of St Peter’s Church in Walpole St Peter, Norfolk.  If you look closely, you will see the delicate carving in the wood, which to me looks like the shape of some of the stain glass windows around the church.