Kerrera Northspit Lighthouse, Nr Oban, Scotland

I found another lighthouse while sorting out my photos, it is not the classic shape of a lighthouse, but I love the location and it’s red and white stripes.  The date is unknown but it is located at the end of a rocky reef at the north end of the Isle of Kerrera, marking the entrance to the sheltered harbor of Oban.

Photo taken May 2016 for my ‘Lighthouse Category’


A Post Card From Oban, Scotland

We are not actually in Scotland at the moment, we are in Devon, but as the internet is behaving itself at the moment, I’m taking advantage of it and posting some odd photos of Oban.  These are just a few different ones from our holiday in May 16, the sea food platter was wonderful 🙂

The Dog Stone – Scotland


While sailing on any of the ferries, from Oban, Scotland, you will pass the Dog Stone, which is quite amazing as it was once a huge sea stack, but now it seems to be growing out of the land with trees protruding from its summit.  Science tells us that this is made from rock known as Conglomerate, deposited about 415 million years ago, but I like the following story about this ancient stone.

The Dog Stone –  Its name is derived from a legend that relates that this is where the giant, Fingal, tied up his dog, Bran, when he went hunting in the Hebrides.  As Bran circled and struggled, he wore a groove around the base of the stone with its colossal chain and they say you can still hear its ghostly howls.

May 2016

Waiting – Fish & Chips


We had come back late from the Isle of Mull, and driving through Oban, the smell of fish and chips was just too much, so we just had to have some.  Also….. how could we not, with a testimonial like that from Rick Stein, hope thats the chef and not the fishmonger 🙂


Jet Skier Rocking the Waves


I took these photos of the Jet Skier from the ferry coming back from the Isle of Mull to Oban on the west coast of Scotland, May 2016.  The intention was to capture a close up for my occupation category, unfortunately he was moving too fast for me to get a good clear close up.   But looking through the photos, I realised how beautiful the scenery he was jet skiing through was.  If I was a little braver…..ok a lot braver, I would love to have a go….on the back of course  🙂






A Kayaker’s Dream – The Falls of Lora – Scotland


On the same morning that we visited Ganavan Bay while on holiday, May 2016, we stopped at the Falls of Lora, as the water was in full force.  After we had crossed Connel Bridge, husband parked the car and I jumped out to take a few shots.  The first thing I saw were little coloured shapes in the water, Kayakers having a wonderful time in the surf, or what ever its called 🙂  The weather was completely different to when I took the photos of the Rescue Services practising in the falls, this time the water was really forceful.  At times it seemed that a kayak had been swallowed up by the rough water, but then it would bob up again 🙂  I have added the board about the falls again, just incase anyone has not seem the first post about them.