A Helping Hand

I am sorting through church photos at the moment, but keep coming across photos taken at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria, from 2016.  I was trying to capture the young lady with her beer steins, when a couple from our party, definitely started to look a little worried 🙂

They Only Ordered Soup

I love going to the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria.  We try to go each year, husband goes for the beer, I go for the photo taking opportunities of which there are plenty, inside the tents and out.  I just loved the look on this poor guys face, those trays are heavy.  

A good one for my ‘Occupation Category’ which as been a bit lapsed lately.


Leatheringsett Water Mill & Sculthorpe Mill, Norfolk

Hope everyone had a good New Years Eve, and now here we are the first day of a new year, and its still raining, so no photos today.  I’m a little put out, as I had a lovely new camera for Christmas, and all I have taken so far, is a few photos of a stormy Solent on the South Coast.  Never mind the weather will change, hopefully for the better.  Luckily last New Year was rain free, well most of the day was, we visited a lot of Round Tower Churches, I have posted some, but more to come and a couple of mills.  

We had passed the sign for Leatheringsett Mill many times, but on this occasion we were not in a hurry, so we went to explore.  I wasn’t quite sure what we would find, and we a little surprised that it was a red brick building, I suppose I was thinking a smaller stone water mill, but even so it looked interesting.  On entering I read that it’s the last working water mill in Norfolk.

Of course it wasn’t working at the time of our visit, but we didn’t expect it to be.  I think if you want to visit and see it working, you need to phone or email asking what day they would be milling.  It’s quite a large space and I should think when it was built in 1802, it would have been working nonstop, and the air full of dust and the noise of four pairs of mill stones grinding together.  The site of the mill is mentioned in the Domesday book and at that time, 580 water mills were recorded in Norfolk, including the one at Letheringsett, but there were no windmills.  By the 19th century there were only about 80 or 90 watermills still able to work.

Its history is quite fascinating and includes at least two fires, a change from being a watermill to an engine mill, when it made animal feed and back again.  There was enough power for four pairs of mill stones, now only two are used.  There is a shop were you can buy flour, some milled on site and other that is sourced elsewhere.  I think looking back, it would have been more interesting to have seen the mill working, but as it took us nearly ten years to visit in the first place, this visit will have to do 🙂


The second mill we visited later on on that day, was to ’ which is now an eatery and a very nice at that.  I have posted about this mill before, but those photos were of a lovely sunny day and this was not, so  totally different kind of photos.

A little history…..There were three watermills along Winsum River in 1225, and a new watermill was built in 1757.  Having ground corn for many years, the mill probably ceased working c.1947 and was becoming derelict by the 1950s. It was turned into a country club in 1980’s, but was nearly destroyed by a fire in 2002. It was reopened in 2003, after a refit and is, as you see it now.


The Lost Christmas Jumper

I took this photo last year 2016……I must have had a thing about Christmas jumpers last year, can’t really remember, but I seem to have taken a few photos of them 🙂  This one was taken on Sheringham Train Station on the North Norfolk Coast.

Wine Making, Switzerland

I love finding photos that I have forgotten about, and come across them when having a sort out   I took this photo from the car window, when were driving in Switzerland near Interlaken in 2016.  This is quite an apt photo, as we have been making wine from the grapes that grew in our garden this year 2017, we had loads.  At the moment it is a lovely pale yellow colour, started life as a horrible dark green sludge colour, hopefully it will taste ok.  We also have some ginger wine on the go, and hopefully that will be ready for Christmas, but that was a kit 🙂  

Not our grapes, but vineyards on the road to Interlaken in Switzerland 2016 

An April Bike Ride


Around the outskirts of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, is great for bike riding.  Apart from the really good bike routes, the terrain is mostly flat.  We try and take the caravan to Ferry Meadows Caravan Park each April and have at least one twenty mile bike trip…..which in truth only happens once a year and this year it didn’t happen.  Although we did take the bikes all the way to Scotland this year, to ride on some of the Islands, but it rained so much, it just never happened, they didn’t come of the bike rack.  So while sorting through the endless amount of photos, I found last April’s bike ride, 2016 and as it was the only one we have managed to achieve in two years……I am going to post it, to remind myself how nice it is to ride a bike.  My husband pulls a cart on the back of his bike for the dogs, as little dogs tire after a few miles, and as we now have four dogs, its better for them to travel in style.  Hopefully the photos will show you a little of the lovely countryside around Peterborough.  We also stopped off at Ferry Meadows and Orton Mere stations to watch the steam train on the Nene Valley Railway.  Finally three little dogs, we had another dog just after our break, back to the van for a well earned drink.


The Passing of Summer

 I’m having a lot of difficulty in realising that Autumn is really here.  I love this time of year, but I am thinking that we didn’t really have much of summer this year.  I know we had a very hot late spring, but then it only seems like there were, just odd summer days dotted here and there.  Even looking back at my photos, we seem to have had more dull days, than hot beautiful sunny ones…..I know we should go to hot places for our holidays, well we did this year, the French Riviera, but it still managed to rain, although most of the time is was lovely hot sunshine.  So just a few late summer photos, to say farewell until next summer, when we do it all over again, but please, just a little less rain 🙂  Still…… I have an awful lot of sunny French photos to post, if I ever get around to sorting them out 🙂

Photos taken around the Fens in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, 2017