I love to take black & white photos of people carrying out an occupation. It can be work related or fun, as long as they are occupied in some way.


Last year we had to have some trees felled, unfortunately due to age they had became too tall and they had become a little dangerous in high winds.  The above tree had actually been struck by lightening and was dangerous to the other trees surrounding it, but it has and will keep our wood burning stove going for quite a long time.  It was also quite interesting to watch. how they climbed the very tall trees, not something you see everyday. 

I think they are candidates for my ‘Occupation Category’

AC/DC Wembley London

We went to see the rock band AC/DC in concert in July 2015, although not really my thing, my husband loved every minute.  I enjoyed it for the sense of occasion and for the opportunity to take photos…… and a little of the music.  I have found lots of photos, that I had forgotten about, while having a massive clear out, it’s nearly as good as having a really, really good spring clean and getting rid of a load of unwanted junk 🙂

Also another one for my ‘Occupation Category’  Rock Band

Sand Bikes, On The Beach At Margate, Kent

Sorting through some of the last of my 2015 photos, I came across a trip to Margate on the Kent coast.  The trip took place on the 25th October, just look at the weather, beautiful for that time of the year.  We were visiting with family……..they had a terrible job pulling me away from the bikes, I’m not even sure what kind of bikes they are.  I just love taking action photos, you never know what’s going to happen, and the race was a surprise, as we had no idea it was taking place.  Later on in the day, we walked back along the beach, and it was as if nothing had ever happened, not a tyre mark to be seen.

Also a nice addition for my ‘Occupation Category’ 

A Tent of Spinners

I thought this was quite a good photo for my Occuption Category, Spinners with their Spinning Wheels.   Taken at a show we went to somewhere in Lincolnshire, I just popped into the tent and took a quick shot. I loved the way they were all just sat around really enjoying themselves 🙂

Train Men

Sheringham Railway Station, in Norfolk, is one of my favourite haunts for taking photos.  Normally there are steam trains, but on this day in 2017, it was a diesel locomotive at work.  I switched my attention to the human element in making a train station run smoothly and a wonderful job they do and will go into my ‘Occupation Category’   I have left the last photo coloured, as the station is really something of a bygone age and looks equally good in b&w and colour.  

Too Many Chefs

We were at a food show in London last year 2017, and I get a bit bored, so out comes the camera 🙂  I love the look on the Chefs face…..it could mean anything.  

Here are a few more I took, but not as good as the first one, although good enough for my ‘Occupation Category’