Oktoberfest 2016

A Helping Hand

I am sorting through church photos at the moment, but keep coming across photos taken at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria, from 2016.  I was trying to capture the young lady with her beer steins, when a couple from our party, definitely started to look a little worried 🙂

They Only Ordered Soup

I love going to the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria.  We try to go each year, husband goes for the beer, I go for the photo taking opportunities, of which there are plenty inside the tents and out.  I just loved the look on this poor guys face, those trays are heavy.  

A good one for my ‘Occupation Category’ which as been a bit lapsed lately.


The Navy’s In Town


I am always on the look out for my ‘Occupation Category’ for a new one and I got one at the Oktoberfest in Munich just over a week ago…….I think its the German Navy.

Anyway I am now going away for a week, we are going to Venice for our 30th Wedding Anniversary and off course the camera will be glued to my nose for 7 days.  We are going by train and no its not the Orient Express 🙂 wish it was, but its lots of different trains, which will be fun.  I really want to photograph some of of the smaller churches in Venice and visit the islands and look at the churches on those as well.  Oh well, just hope the weather is kind to us……just so I can take some good photos, blue skies are always nicer than grey ones 🙂


Oktoberfest Shopping

I did wonder where all the lovely dresses came from, for dressing up for the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and when we went for our walkabout town, I found one of the sources.   There are special shops, just full of the wonderful costumes.  We did buy something each, my husband a blue and white checked shirt with a lovely dark blue waistcoat. I would have loved to have bought a dress, but I feel you should leave the lovely dresses for the Germans, well thats my story.  So I bought a woollen jacket and waistcoat that I can wear with jeans, and a small vintage brown leather handbag, as you are not allow to take large bags or rucksacks into the festival anymore. But being English, the part I liked best, everything was in the ‘Sale’ 🙂

Munich 2016