Scottish Countryside

Being A Tourist – Isle of Skye, Scotland

We are back from our Scottish holiday…..this was definitely a holiday of two parts.  One of sunshine and one of rain…..lots of rain and mist.  We didn’t get to visit some of the islands that we wanted to explore, because we had some nasty storms that stopped the ferries from sailing.  Although we did get to visit Gigha, an island off the west coast of Kintyre, on one of the rare sunny days.  I also managed to get two new Stevenson Lighthouses for my collection, I even climbed 140 steps to the top of one.  A few castles and churches, but most of the time, just trying to keep the camera dry.  Luckily the last two days before we left for home, were beautiful, you then forget about the rain and mist…..well nearly.  We went to the Isle of Skye on one of the days, and this is just one of the photos I took from the car window on a round the island trip.  

I did have trouble with my laptop, hence no posts, but its ok now and I just have to sort the photos out, but as always, its nice to be home 🙂

May 2017


From Feolin Ferry to Craighouse, Isle of Jura, Scotland

On our trip to Jura in 2016, the ferry from Islay, docked at Feolin and then we drove to Craighouse, the main settlement on Jura.  We were travelling to Jura for the Whisky Festival, but we also wanted to explore a little of the Island, which is beautiful, wild and remote.  This post is the trip to Craighouse and then a few of the harbour, there are a few islands in the harbour and collectively they are called The Small Isles.  The weather wasn’t that great, it started fine, but progressed to brolly and mac, in a very short time, but it was still very beautiful.  More to follow.

May 2016

Clouds, Jura & Islay, Scotland

We spent eight hours on a train today, we travelled from Peterborough in Cambridgeshire to Edinburgh in Scotland, four hours there and four hours back….. six hours in Edinburgh.  A special offer on the trains, was to good to miss, so we choose to go to Edinburgh.  Normally we only visit in passing, mostly just a couple of hours, so this quite a treat.  We did lots of exploring, but I haven’t download todays photos yet, so here are a few cloud photos from our trip to Islay & Jura, Scotland, last year 2016. First two photos are Islay and the last two are views of Jura.


Nancy’s Evening Walk – Scotland



One night while on holiday this year in Scotland 2016, Nancy our little dog allowed us to accompany her on an evenings walk.  Nancy chooses which way she wants to explore on the beach, which lays along the edge of the caravan park, a few miles from Oban where we stay with our motorhome, strangely enough it is always to the left.  When we first arrived we did the same walk, but in the afternoon, it just looks so different in the evening 🙂














Loch Long to the Falls of Lora, Scotland


Just some of the scenery that we pass on our trips to Scotland.  For me the holidays really start at Loch Long and then all the way to the ‘Falls of Lora ‘ just out side of Oban, with Inveraray as a watering hole if required.

All the photos are taken from the car window in May 2o16.  The Highland Cattle photo is not that great, but I had to zoom right in for them, but what is Scottish scenery without them.























My First Slideshow, Isle of Mull, Scotland

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I am experimenting, my first sideshow….. its nice to have a change once and a while.  I have chosen the drive after we had left the Corran Ferry in 2013, from yesterdays post.  We then drove about 30 miles to catch another ferry to take us to the Isle of Mull, which we drove across and eventually caught another one, to Iona, which was a beautiful visit.  I have a whole category on the ‘Isle of Iona’, if anyone wants to take a look.

The Corran Point Lighthouse, 1860 (Corran Narrows) Ardgour, Highlands


We were on the Corran Ferry in 2013, that crosses Loch Linnhe, some nine miles south of Fort William, at the Corran Narrows. We then had to drive to another ferry, that then took us across to the Isle of Mull.  The views on the first crossing were stunning with the mountains in the background, but it was the white lighthouse that caught my attention, it made a nice subject with the views behind.


A little history for you……..The Corran Lighthouse is situated on the shoreline of Loch Linnhe, on the west side of the Narrows in Corran, a tidal sea loch on the West Coast of Scotland. Built in 1857 by Robert Louis Stevenson’s father and uncle, it was one of a chain of lighthouses marking the route to the Caledonian Canal.


Apparently the lighthouse is still in use, but without a foghorn.  The Keepers House is a holiday let, so its you fancy a holiday with a lighthouse in the garden, this is it……. plus the Robert Louis Stevenson’s connection.