Scottish Landscape

Blue Skye, Scotland

When we were on Skye, Scotland, a couple of weeks ago, we stopped on our ’round island road trip’ to have a picnic.  I’m not sure that we have had one, with such a breathtaking view before.  I think…..we were looking at Applecross on mainland Scotland, with the little island of Rona in the foreground, but I’m not a 100% sure.  The sky had a slight haze, which made everything in the distance have an ice blue tint, it was far more beautiful than I could really capture, but they are a lovely reminder of a beautiful picnic.

May 2017

Isle of Skye, Scotland, Road Trip – Part 1

Just to show that we did have some nice weather on our holiday in Scotland last week, May 2017.  We went to Skye on one of the sunny days and we always do a round the island road trip.  Each year I always manage to see different views, and the weather can also change everything within a few seconds.  This is a two part post and please forgive any blobs, as quite a few photos, well nearly all of them, were taken through the front windscreen……and no matter how many times you clean the screen, those pesky flies are back again, leaving their imprint, the blob.  So here are few of my impressions of Skye, with a few more to follow.

May 2017

From Glencoe Mountain Resort to Glencoe Visitor Centre, Scotland



I never tire of the drive to and through Glencoe in Scotland, the scenery is dramatic in any weather.  This trip is from the Glencoe Mountain Resort to Glencoe Visitor Centre.  The photos were taken last May 2016, in fact we made the trip each way on different days, and on both occasions, the weather was so different.  It just proves how difficult it can be in extreme weather, but this was the good day and the weather was excellent.  The visitor centre is very interesting and explains all about the Glencoe Massacre in 1692.  There are many interesting sites that you can google, which will explain all, far better than I can, mine is really just a visual experience, which I hope you enjoy as much as I do.







The following photos are of the visitor centre and views of the u-shape glen.









A Scottish Treat


Just before Christmas, we did a flying trip up to Inverness in Scotland, it was work related, but we still managed to visit a few places.  On the way up we decided to drive through Glen Coe, on the way to Fort William and Ben Nevis, these photos where taken from the car window, a little while before you start to travel through the Glen.


December 2916