Single Malt Whisky

Ardbeg Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland


Ardbeg was the last whisky distillery that we visited on Islay in 2016, and I must admit, I went a bit over board on the photos, its a very photogenic place. Using malted barley sourced from the maltings at Port Ellen, Ardbeg claims to produce the peatiest whisky in Islay, so of course my husband really enjoyed his tastings…..he had mine as well.

Ardbeg lies solitary, in a small cove off the south coast of Islay. It was once a stage for illegal distillation, when smugglers took advantage of the remote location and exceptional conditions for whisky production. Eventually, excise men seized the original, illegitimate buildings from the smugglers and destroyed them. It was not until 1815 that a legal distillery was established and founded by John McDougall. Sitting nearby leviathan distilleries; Laphroaig and Lagavulin, Ardbeg has always produced a very sought-after single malt, despite its production scale being less than half that of its neighbours.


Bruichladdich Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland



Bruichladdich Distillery, on the Isle of Islay, in May 2016, the weather was getting progressively darker and a chilliness in the air, so a wee tasting of this whisky was something to look forward to.  In all these distilleries, you can’t take photos of where they make the whisky, all hush, hush stuff……I know its terrible, but they do look all the same to me.  But least I was starting to taste the difference in the whisky, peaty ones and not peaty….well just.


Built in 1881 by the Harvey brothers, Bruichladdich Distillery sits opposite the western shore of Loch Indaal on Islay. The distillery produces three distinct single malts: Bruichladdich (unpeated), Port Charlotte (heavily peated) and Octomore (super heavily peated), along with The Botanist Gin.

Kilchoman Whisky Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland


Oh dear….my husband asked me tonight, if I had kept up a record of the ‘Whisky Distilleries’ that we have visited on my blog, which I had told him I would do.  Well nearly, was my answer, very nearly.  So it looks like it will be a mad dash to get them on, I know where this has come from.  We are going up to Inverness this time next week for four days, and he wants to visit some more distilleries, he just wanted to get in the mood and reminisce on the ones we have visited.  So to start the ball rolling, again, we visited Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland, last year 2016, which I think has eight distilleries.  Kilchoman Distillery produces single malt whisky on the western side of Islay, near the small settlement of Kilchoman, hence the name.  Established in 2005, it’s a farm distillery and the first to be built on Islay for 124 years.  There is a very nice cafe and a well stock shop, which kept me happy, while husband enjoyed looking and tasting the whisky.  I have also added a few photos for you to see the wonderful location.


May 201

Oban Whisky Distillery, Scotland


Oban Distillery is one of Scotland’s oldest sources of single malt scotch whisky, and is situated in the heart of the town.  It is one of the hardest to take a good photo of, mainly because you can’t get a nice wide view, as it is tucked up behind buildings.  Again you are not allow to take photos, but I did get one of the shop, with some bottles of Whisky.


If you look really carefully at last photo, in about the centre, you can just see the distillery’s red chimney .


Oban now joins my Whisky Distilleries Category.  This is really a record for my husband, as I think he has lost count of how many we have visited, or he wants us to visit more 🙂