Stamford Lincolnshire

A Splash of Orange


In 2016 we were in Switzerland in October and pumpkins and gourds were for sale everywhere, they made a lovely splash of colour.  We arrive back home to the Fens in East England, just in time for Halloween and found some more pumpkins in Stamford Market, Lincolnshire, plus a few new friends 🙂

Happy Halloween 2017

Street Photos – Stamford, Lincolnshire

I love visiting Stamford in Lincolnshire, a beautiful little town, lovely small individual shops, plus a great second hand bookshop, nice eateries and the best bit…..five Medieval churches.  I can never pass by St John’s Church with its amazing roof angels, always hoping for the most spectacular angel photo ever 🙂   Stamford has now entered another category that I love to photograph ‘ Black & White Street Photographs’  On our last visit but one, Oct 2017, I thought I would try and get the churches in each view that I took, I got three churches, one brewery and a residential road, not bad.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday, even if is just a holiday for you…we have had rain, so what’s new 🙂

St John the Baptist & Angels at Stamford, Lincolnshire

DSC_0334 - Version 2

To look up and see these beautiful ‘Roof Angels” really was such a surprise, I was just so happy that I had actually got into a church, so when I did look up and saw this flock of angels….can you call them a flock….all I can say is that I was more than happy.

St John the Baptist Church is one of the five surviving Mediaeval churches in Stamford. This fine Perpendicular church was more than likely founded in the 12th Century and the tower was built sometime in the 15th Century, the church was rebuilt and completed in1451. There is a small amount of the 12th century fabric left.  At the time of rebuilding the town was prosperous because of the wool and cloth trade.  Nowadays the church is nearly hidden by shops, very difficult to take a photo as a whole of the church as it is hemmed in by shops one side and then buildings in front of the small churchyard, more like a garden on the other.

St John’s is constructed of limestone ashlar with lead roofs, the white dots on the photos are snow flakes, it had started to snow quite heavily.  Inside there are some beautiful stain glass windows and some of the glass dates from 1451, this has been cleaned and reset.   The angels on the roof bosses are 14th Century…. it was so lucky that Cromwell’s soldiers didn’t cut of all their wings in the Nave, although the angels in the chancel have had their wings clipped.

When you look at the angels you notice that they are all different and holding items.  I have found lots to read about them, so it will be a learning curve, but the most exciting news is that there are more in Norfolk than the rest of the UK……and I have already picked out my next church, that hopefully will be open as next week is Easter, because it has 12 beautiful angels at Saint Edmund in Downham Market.


As you look up you will also see gargoyles.

This lovely church was made redundant in 2003 and is now preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust.  This grade 1 listed building can be hired out for social events…I wonder if you could get married there ……thats a social event !!!  It really is a gem tucked away and I am so glad we stopped for lunch or I would have missed the angels.

Lastly some views of the exterior of St John’s, as I said before it not an easy church to photograph, but then its the inside the counts.