Steam Trains

An April Bike Ride


Around the outskirts of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, is great for bike riding.  Apart from the really good bike routes, the terrain is mostly flat.  We try and take the caravan to Ferry Meadows Caravan Park each April and have at least one twenty mile bike trip…..which in truth only happens once a year and this year it didn’t happen.  Although we did take the bikes all the way to Scotland this year, to ride on some of the Islands, but it rained so much, it just never happened, they didn’t come of the bike rack.  So while sorting through the endless amount of photos, I found last April’s bike ride, 2016 and as it was the only one we have managed to achieve in two years……I am going to post it, to remind myself how nice it is to ride a bike.  My husband pulls a cart on the back of his bike for the dogs, as little dogs tire after a few miles, and as we now have four dogs, its better for them to travel in style.  Hopefully the photos will show you a little of the lovely countryside around Peterborough.  We also stopped off at Ferry Meadows and Orton Mere stations to watch the steam train on the Nene Valley Railway.  Finally three little dogs, we had another dog just after our break, back to the van for a well earned drink.


The Jacobite & Glenfinnan, Scotland


Every year when we go to the west coast of Scotland, we travel from Fort William to Mallaig along the ‘Romantic Road to the Isles’ its a must if you are visiting the West Coast of Scotland.  Even better if you can travel on the West Highland Railway Line.  The last time we manage to travel on the train, was 2012, you have to book about a year in advance, even then its touch and go.  So early last year 2016 we booked, we got some of the last seats, even booking that early.  We are making the trip in about three weeks time and looking back at last years photos I found some of our visit to one of the stations on the line, a very famous one at Glenfinnan.  Glenfinnan is where, in 1745, the ‘Jacobite Rising’ started and there is now a 60ft tall monument, which was built to commemorate the occasion.  Unfortunately the monument was having a facelift, but you get the idea how tall it is.  While we were visiting the station the train came in, ‘ The Jacobite’  it was quite a long stop as you are allow to disembark and take photos.  Once the train left the station, we jumped in the car and gave chase.  I wanted to catch the train going over a particular bridge very near to Mallaig and having missed it so many times in the past, I got lucky this time and got my train.  So I thought I better post last years 2016 trip, before this years 2017 trip 🙂





The Return Trip to Kidderminster, North Worcestershire

The return trip on the Severn Valley Railway from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, with couple of stations.  If you get the chance, it is well worth a trip, just pick a nice sunny day 🙂

Bridgnorth Railway Station, Shropshire


Bridgnorth railway station is a station on the Severn Valley Railway heritage line, serving the Shropshire town of Bridgnorth, England.

Following on from yesterdays post, we arrived back at Bridgnorth railway station, to find plenty going on, lots of engines puffing about.  This is a really lovely interesting station to visit, even if you are not travelling on the train and there is a very good old fashioned pub the  ‘Railwayman’s Arms’ .  So while the long suffering other half, not really suffering as he had a pint in his hand, sat in the sunshine, yes the sun had come for beer drinking, I took some photos 🙂

The next post is the trip back to Kidderminster.







The Twisty Train

Back Camera

One my favourites, Ffestiniog Railway, Wales, in 2011

Ffestiniog Railway is a 1 ft 11 ¹⁄₂ in narrow gauge heritage railway, located in Gwynedd, Wales. It is a major tourist attraction located mainly within the Snowdonia National Park.

The Jacobite, A West Highland Steam Train


I am trying to keep a record of the steam trains that I have been luckily enough to have travelled on.  I have posted quite a few, but mostly for my occupation category, but recently I have started to post the wonderful engines and trains that still travel around the UK.  The Jacobite train took us from Fort William to Mallaig in the Scottish Highlands, on the West Highland Railway in May 2012, on one of the most beautiful train journeys I have ever been on.  I still managed a shot of the engine driver for my collection.