Street Photography

In The Shade, Little & Large

Just sorting some photos for Orkneys Cathedral, when I came across these two.  Up to no good, making plans for a quick get away…….no, really they were very good and stayed at their post on the canal boat, under the shade and on the cushions….a dogs life 🙂

A Visit To Margate & Dreamland, Kent

On a visit to Margate, Kent in 2016, we visited Dreamland, a pleasure park on the sea front.  We had visited a few years ago, but its heyday was during the 50’s and 60’s, I found some photos on a wall of that era and took a few shots to compare, but unfortunately in 2016 it was not quite recapturing the past.  I have read that in 2017 the park was relaunched, so I think another visit is required to see any difference, before and after posts.  There has been a pleasure park on the site since 1880, and it would be wonderful if it is able to continue.

The above photos are the ones I found on the wall and the below photos are mine, just to compare.

I have also added a few random shots of Margate to capture a little of the seaside resort.



I just found this little photo of my youngest dog, Toffee, he is all grown up now.   He loved to make friends when he was a puppy, he still does, but he was fearless then……not so much now, he is a little bit more cautious.   I wish I had the follow up photo to the sniff, it was a kiss from Toffee to the big nose which was sniffing him…….I wondered if big dog was thinking ‘Dinner’

A Monochrome Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Southern Germany

On of my favourite places, Landsberg am Lech, in Bavaria, Southern Germany.  I have taken numerous amounts of photos of this enchanting town, lots of which I have posted before, so this time they have had the mono treatment.  I am just experimenting with them, as the shapes of the buildings seem to lend themselves to black and white . 

Sand Bikes, On The Beach At Margate, Kent

Sorting through some of the last of my 2015 photos, I came across a trip to Margate on the Kent coast.  The trip took place on the 25th October, just look at the weather, beautiful for that time of the year.  We were visiting with family……..they had a terrible job pulling me away from the bikes, I’m not even sure what kind of bikes they are.  I just love taking action photos, you never know what’s going to happen, and the race was a surprise, as we had no idea it was taking place.  Later on in the day, we walked back along the beach, and it was as if nothing had ever happened, not a tyre mark to be seen.

Also a nice addition for my ‘Occupation Category’