Swiss Chalets & A Holiday

We are going on our hols tomorrow, Sunday, we are all packed up and now just have to wait for morning to come, hopefully the house sitters will make their way through the snow ūüôā ¬†We are going on a¬†cruise to Iceland for 12 days, along with all the other¬†hundreds of¬†tourist that visit each year. ¬†But even as a small child I have always wanted to visit, because an uncle who was in the Navy, visited Iceland, along with Norway, Sweden and Finland. ¬†He sent us postcards, brought back national¬†costume dolls, and then came home and told us tales of his visits to each of these wonderful countries. ¬†I have visited Norway and Sweden along with Denmark,¬†yet to visit Finland, but Iceland will come off the list, along with the Faroe Isles……. I am so excited, and¬†reason for this¬†excitement, is I really never thought we¬†would go, my husband hates flying, really hates it and never wants to fly again, hence we travel¬†a lot by car and train. ¬†So nearly a year ago, he came home and said he had done something, and just hoped I would like it……he had booked us on a¬†cruise to Iceland for the following year……the year has just flown past and we start with¬†Amsterdam, then to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, then home via Shetland and Orkney, with lots of trips at each stop. ¬†Which means tons of photos, fingers crossed, of some very¬†special islands, with lots of churches and¬†lighthouses for my collections.

Anyway back to the main reason for the post, I thought I would try and finish off a¬†trip to Switzerland we made in 2015. ¬†I am sorting¬†old photos, to make room for new¬†Icelandic photos ūüôā and came across some Swiss Chalets that I took near and in Interlaken, they are just so beautiful to look at. ¬†



Hotel On The Lake, Switzerland

Following on from yesterdays post, after our drive across Switzerland in 2015, we arrived at our hotel ‘Park Hotel’ in Merligen, on the side of Lake Thun, which is surrounded by the mountains of the Bernese Overland. ¬†It’s a¬†lovely hotel, a little big for me, but husband liked it, I did like the¬†views from the window and there is a very nice¬†restaurant. ¬†I have added a few photos of the view from the other side of the hotel, with some lovely¬†chalet wooden houses…….now I would have loved to have stayed in one of them, maybe next time.

A Road Trip Across Switzerland

Back in 2015 we travelled¬†across¬†some of Switzerland, we started from¬†Munich in Bavaria, had lunch with some friends at their house in¬†Switzerland (can’t remember the name of the village) and then on to our¬†hotel in Merligen near Interlaken, so we could go up the Jungfrau. ¬†As I am sorting through photos, I have grouped the photos all together……just so I can remember the trip. ¬†All the photos are taken from the car window as we were travelling along, husband is at the wheel, so no¬†dangerous¬†driving, well not much ūüôā


Views of St Joseph Catholic Church & Interlaken, Switzerland

In 2016 we were in Interlaken,¬†Switzerland, as we were staying in the centre,¬†we had plenty of time to explore. ¬†I had found a lovely little garden, and behind it was St Joseph Catholic Church. ¬†We made our way to the church, finding the door, we found something quite unexpected. ¬†The interior was¬†modern, I can’t find any details, but I should think the building had been restored quite¬†recently. ¬†There are a few photos of Interlaken, but the weather was not camera friendly on that particular day.

Eating Sandwiches on a Glacier – The Jungfrau, The Swiss Alps

The Top of Europe 2015, The Jungfrau Experience in The Swiss Alps and what an experience. ¬†This is one way of experiencing the nearest thing to being a mountain climber that you can get, with out using a rope. ¬†After three train journeys we reached the top, we then spent some time looking at the views through the large windows, then we ventured outside to really see the views. ¬†Totally jaw dropping amazing, for me anyway, as I’m not very good with heights, but I soon overcame any fears, it was just so beautiful. ¬†Next we explored inside the mountain. ¬†I found some photos of how the tunnels were made, and you can also see the very last part of the tunnel dug into the mountain. ¬†There is an ice cave, which I have posted about, and a display on making Swiss Chocolate. ¬†After making our way down some very long tunnels, we came out on to the glacier……..we sat on deckchairs and had our sandwiches, with a coffee we bought from the Glacier Bar, it was perfect, just like being at the seaside, but instead of sand, snow. ¬†We sat and enjoyed watching others enjoying all the snow activities, and then made our way to the next train to leave the Top of Europe. ¬† I have added a few photos of the train trips down the mountain.


Climbing A Mountain The Easy Way, By Train – The Jungfrau, Switzerland


You travel on three trains to reach the Top of Europe, we caught the first train at Interlaken, Switzerland in 2015, and two more took us up to the top of the Jungfrau.  The last train travels through the interior of the mountain, and then if the cloud is clear, you enter another world.  Just a few photos of the trip up to the top, they are not as clear as I would like, as they were taken through the train windows.  The Top of Europe Experience will hopefully follow shortly.

To The Light

When we travelled on the train up inside the Jungfrau, in the Swiss Alps, in 2015, they stop the train at a couple of places.  Everyone tumbles off and heads for the light, there are large windows that allow you an amazing view of the mountains.  More to follow.