Lines Overhead

Sometimes things just get in the way, and sometimes you just have to look past them. ¬†I took this photo just after we had left Basel Train Station in Switzerland, it was going in the trash, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked……not everything has to be perfect ūüôā

October 2016



When we were staying in¬†Interlaken, Switzerland, ¬†for our trip up the Jungfrau last year 2016, we¬†went up another¬†mountain, but I have yet to post about this trip. ¬†The¬†trip¬†included a cruise on a lake before¬†going up the¬†mountain, it seemed more like a ¬†ferry to me, as it¬†stopped at all the small lakeside villages, which was lovely. On¬†the way¬†back we were heading into a place called¬†Bonigen, when I saw some¬†smoke and then one of the most¬†delightful¬†scenes that I have seen for a long time……children playing at make¬†believe, no¬†computers here, just wonderful old fashion make believe…….I wanted¬†to join them ūüôā



Driving Near Berne, Switzerland


It’s raining here in the Uk, well the bit I live in, its pouring down. ¬†We were suppose to have nice weather from the middle of the week……but no, wet and horrible, the weather has got about ten hour to dry out. ¬†We are going to Dorset and Devon for a few days and then to London for the rugby, England v France, looking forward to that, even if it does rain. ¬†As I’m still sorting photos, this is a daily chore, I thought I would look for some sun, but I found some birds instead. ¬†These are photos that I took when we were driving through Switzerland on the way home in 2015 and the nearest sign post pointed to Berne, so we were somewhere nearby, although I have no idea where we really were. ¬†Anyway I’m not very good at identifying birds, so not sure what this beautiful creature is…….I am sure one of you will know ūüôā ¬†The other photos are of the local architecture of the wonderful designed buildings that we drove passed on the way. ¬† All photos are taken from the car window.

PS I think the bird is a Red Kite, we see them in wales, but it just looks a little different ūüôā




Grindelwald Village, The Jungfrau, Switzerland


On our first visit to the top of the Jungfrau, in Switzerland two years ago, we stopped at one of the mountain villages on our way back down. ¬†There are several stops that you can make if you fancy an ice-cream or just have a wander around and then catch the next train down. ¬†We choose Grindelwald, as it seemed one of the larger stops. ¬†The weather at the top of the Jungfrau, had been spectacular, we had gone through the clouds and it was a perfect blue sky. ¬†But as we sat in a cafe garden eating our ice-cream…..yes we had ice-cream, it was wonderful and so was the coffee…..the cloud started to thicken and it brought a chill to the air, the weather here can change in a flash. ¬†So we finished and walked back to the train station and caught the next train, we were just in time, the rain came down, that mountain rain is cold stuff, and I for one, was pleased to get on the train. ¬†But we had spent a couple of hours enjoying Grindelwald, with is amazing mountain views, I couldn’t stop taking photos of them and that ice-cream was yummy……















Snow Walking


A lone walker on the top of the world – The Jungfrau

On our first visit to the top of the Jungfrau in Switzerland, 2015, we had beautiful weather, last years visit 2016, well it was a wipe out, nothing to see just cloud, but you take your chance. ¬†Looking through the photos, I realise I have posted very little, so I thought I would post a few, as the trip was pretty spectuclar in 2015, we will not mention 2016 ūüôā



Recently we were in Zurich, Switzerland, on an over night stop between catching trains. ¬†We decided to venture out early to explore before going to the station, but unfortunately we were greeted by mist. ¬†Mind you it didn’t stop me taking photos and although most were just mist, I quite like this one. ¬†By changing it to mono, the figures seem to come to life.

Zurich October 2016