The Fens

Windmills, Minus Sails, Plus A Lot More

Four windmills that are quite local to where we live in the Fens.  None of them are now working, and only one has been restored into a home.  The first windmill is behind Mill House, which is really in need of being restored, if one had a lot of money to take on the task.

The next windmill is behind a garage and I suppose it will just all fall down one day, again such a shame.

Now this windmill has been saved and turned into a home, which is what could have happen to the other three.

Not from far from the above windmill, is this poor specimen, full of rubbish, I think it belongs to a small farm, there are old sheds nearby, which could have something to do with the mill.  But in the ten years we have lived here in the Fens, the mill has just got worse.  I just wanted to record them, while they are still standing.  There are many more dotted around, and I suppose you just can’t save everything.

Just a bystander, watching with interest.

The Passing of Summer

 I’m having a lot of difficulty in realising that Autumn is really here.  I love this time of year, but I am thinking that we didn’t really have much of summer this year.  I know we had a very hot late spring, but then it only seems like there were, just odd summer days dotted here and there.  Even looking back at my photos, we seem to have had more dull days, than hot beautiful sunny ones…..I know we should go to hot places for our holidays, well we did this year, the French Riviera, but it still managed to rain, although most of the time is was lovely hot sunshine.  So just a few late summer photos, to say farewell until next summer, when we do it all over again, but please, just a little less rain 🙂  Still…… I have an awful lot of sunny French photos to post, if I ever get around to sorting them out 🙂

Photos taken around the Fens in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, 2017

Dusty Combine Harvesters

A few weeks ago, before we went on holiday, all around us in the Fens the air was thick with dust, they had the big combine harvesters in the fields.  Now back from holiday, yesterday I noticed they are now harrowing, just glad the dust has settled until next year, when it all starts again.

Occupation Category – Combine Harvesters  

Two Tone Spreader

I love taking photos of tractors, and if there are seagulls following the tractors, even better.  This is not a tractor, I think its a spreader.  I really wanted to catch the person driving the machine, for my occupation category, he or she is in there somewhere… its going in anyway, as ‘Driver of a Farm Spreader’  Then I couldn’t make up my mind, faded or mono……… 🙂

Somewhere in the Fens – May 2015

The Fens & The Wash


People often ask me about where I live and what are the ‘Fens’……really and truly they are large stretches of land, in Lincolnshire, North Cambridgeshire and a little in Norfolk, that are surrounded by drainage ditches, no fences or walls.  A lot of them are reclaimed land and the large cathedrals and abbeys would have been built on small islands of firm ground, before reclamation took place.  The land is flat as far as the eye can see, great swaths of it.  Sometimes when we go out for a drive, in what I call the back waters, away from built up areas, you can go for miles before even seeing another car.  In the photo is one of the many farms that dot the landscape, and the tall chimneys, belong to a brick making factory, way off in the distance.  You either like it or dislike, thank goodness I like it, I love the flatness and the huge skies, but I also love the Scottish Mountains 🙂

The following photos where taken at the Wash.  Unless you have seen the Wash, you think once you have climbed up on to the old causeway, the part where we go, that you will see the sea.  No, no sea, just marshland for as far as you can see, then the sea.  This is what the Fens were, before they were drained.

The Wash is situated where Norfolk meets Lincolnshire along the North Sea coast. It is a square-shaped estuary, among the largest in the UK.  Inland from the Wash the land is flat, low-lying, and often marshy. This area is the Fens of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. The Fens are a large area of drained salt marsh, now a rich fertile home to the extensive arable farms that produce such a rich harvest of grains and vegetables.