The Sea

On The Sea Shore

This is what I would have love to have done today, paddled in some lovely cold water, but this was taken in Wales 2016 of a family on the sand, but just looking at it makes me feel a little cooler.  We have had it hot again here in Norfolk, 4 days running of, 29, 31, 34, 33 degrees and with hotter weather due….. and no rain forecasted……hope not… will mean a hosepipe ban.  One good thing is that its so warm at night, we can work out in the garden until about 10pm, so getting lots done, but not a lot of time for blogging, but it will soon reverted back to a normal English summer……maybe.

Welsh Rocks

Every year we used to spend Easter in Wales, then we stopped, I think because there was too much traffic on the roads.  Well today, Good Friday, the traffic on the main road to the North Norfolk coast from the other side of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, was pretty horrific.  I have never seen so many caravans and motorhomes on the road in the ten years that we have lived here in the Fens.  It was a shame as no-one was going anywhere for a quite a while, thank goodness we were going the other way.  It looked like a mass evacuation and for once I was pleased we were not going away……we had a pre Easter trip two weeks ago.

 We had a good day despite the weather, three churches, two firmly locked and hurrah, one open.  Good Friday and two out of three churches locked.   I did actually think over Easter they would be open, but we were in Cambridgeshire, a county that I find most of the churches are locked.

A photo from a previous Easter Holiday in Wales.

Coastal Walking

DSC_0235 - Version 2

Now this is something that I do like doing, but not on the occasion that I took took the photos.  My back had started to hurt last Boxing Day 2014, after I had taken these photos and the surfing photos.  We were spending Christmas in our motorhome here at Cromer and then decided that we would spend New Year as well.  The idea was to go home and work for two days and come back……. well we got home, I bent down to pick up one of the dogs and that was it.  One slipped disc, but after taking as many painkillers as the Doctor would allow me to take, I decided that I would rather be back at the motorhome laid up, than at home.  It was a good idea in the end, as I had lots of visitors bearing gifts when everyone knew what had happened, which was lovely 🙂

DSC_0236 - Version 2