On The Sea Shore

This is what I would have love to have done today, paddled in some lovely cold water, but this was taken in Wales 2016 of a family on the sand, but just looking at it makes me feel a little cooler.  We have had it hot again here in Norfolk, 4 days running of, 29, 31, 34, 33 degrees and with hotter weather due….. and no rain forecasted……hope not… will mean a hosepipe ban.  One good thing is that its so warm at night, we can work out in the garden until about 10pm, so getting lots done, but not a lot of time for blogging, but it will soon reverted back to a normal English summer……maybe.

Welsh Rocks

Every year we used to spend Easter in Wales, then we stopped, I think because there was too much traffic on the roads.  Well today, Good Friday, the traffic on the main road to the North Norfolk coast from the other side of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, was pretty horrific.  I have never seen so many caravans and motorhomes on the road in the ten years that we have lived here in the Fens.  It was a shame as no-one was going anywhere for a quite a while, thank goodness we were going the other way.  It looked like a mass evacuation and for once I was pleased we were not going away……we had a pre Easter trip two weeks ago.

 We had a good day despite the weather, three churches, two firmly locked and hurrah, one open.  Good Friday and two out of three churches locked.   I did actually think over Easter they would be open, but we were in Cambridgeshire, a county that I find most of the churches are locked.

A photo from a previous Easter Holiday in Wales.

Holy Cross Church, Mwnt, Wales



This little Welsh church was on my wish list, which is now about a mile long, but at least its one less now.  Holy Cross Church is in the most wonderful location, as most of the little churches of Wales seem to be. The Church is at Mwnt in Ceredigion, Wales and is the oldest church in Ceredigion.  On the day we visited, it was rainy and cold, but for the short time that I was exploring the church, the weather at least stopped raining, but goodness it was very cold for September (2016)


Mind you, the nearer I got to the church, the less cold I felt, excitement had kicked in.  I knew it was open, I had seen someone come out, so I hurried across the grass, just incase it mysteriously locked itself.


I love these little churches, they are all different, so simple and beautiful.  Although it was quite grey outside, there was a lovely glow of light streaming through the small windows.


I always look at the photos which seem to be hung haphazard on the walls of all the churches I visit and normally there is some interesting pictures or old photos of the past life of the church.


A photo from 1912 and below, mine of 2016, not much has changed, apart from the two windows.


A little history…..Foel y Mwnt (literally bare or bald mount), a conical hill that rises above the beach, gives the place its name.  You can see the hill behind the church.

The Church of the Holy Cross is a medieval sailor’s chapel of ease, probably built in the 14th century, although the site may have been used since the “Age of the Saints”  it was  also a welcome refuge for medieval pilgrims en route to the patron saint of Wales’ shrine at St Davids, mystical Strata Florida Abbey or Bardsey Island in North Wales.

Here in western Britain this period in the 5th and 6th centuries seems to light up the so-called Dark Ages between the Romans leaving (around AD 400) and the Normans arriving (1066).

In 1155 invaders from Flanders unsuccessfully made a raid on Mwnt in a bloody event commemorated today as Mwnt Red Sunday (Sul y Coch y Mwnt).

The building was restored in 1853 and again after storm damage in 1917.



The font could be be 12th century and is made of Presell stone.dsc_0229



The interior of the church has changed a little from 1969, as you can see from the photo below.



Detail about the rood screen and stairs.

Postcard 1910

Farewell 2016 – Hello 2017

I was going to post a few photos, but they got the better go me, so here are just a few of my favourite photos of 2016.   I hope everyone will have a Peaceful and Joyful New Year and that it continues throughout for everyone 🙂

A Postcard from Sunny New Quay, Wales

For this years visit to New Quay, Wales, we actually stayed in New Quay at ‘The Black Lion’, we normally take our motorhome and stay a couple of miles away on a caravan site.  We were only here for the weekend, as we go away again on Wednesday, but it was quite nice to stop in the seaside town itself.  When we arrived we went for a walk down to the harbour and I took a few photos, so glad I did, because that sunshine was the last we would see, until we got home.

New Quay was once a thriving port, shipbuilding and fishing centre, although is has recently become a very popular seaside destination for seaside holidays. The Harbour and Dolau beaches have stunning golden sands to rival any, and have also become a favourite for fishing and watersports enthusiasts. New Quay is also one of the best spots in Ceredigion to see bottlenose dolphins and is home to a marine wildlife centre.

September 2016

Rough Sea, Llangrannog, Wales

Our trip to Wales last weekend was hampered by rain 90% of the time, at times like this, you have to make the best of what you have been dealt with.  So it was off to the beaches to try my hand at some seascapes and having some fun when sorting them.  This is one of the beaches, Llangrannog, and I have added some details about the beach.

Boasting superb coastal scenery coupled with two sandy beaches; the main one and the adjoining Cilborth Beach in a hidden cove. Llangrannog has always been popular with locals and visitors alike. Once you have traversed the lanes of the steep sided valley of the River Hawen access is good . There is a seafront car park and in the summer months there is additional parking 5 minutes walk from the main beach. The bay is safe with attention to the care needed with any seaside activity
Dogs are allowed on part of the beach from May through September but the rest of the family can have a really enjoyable day out at Llangrannog where there is a well-stocked beach shop and café. More information.

From the Visit Cardigan web page.

September 2015