War Memorial

Lochgilphead War Memorial & Celtic Cross, Loch Fyne, Scotland

We have passed through Lochgilphead, on Loch Fyne, Scotland, quite a few times and I always wonder about the cross at the end of the road, in the above photo you can see it in the distance.  The celtic cross always looks older to me, but it would seem it was erected in 1921.  Although the celtic cross is not of a great age, its still interesting to learn the history and in May 2016, I managed to take some photos from the car as we were passing by.

Some history………The Lochgilphead war memorial is a square pedestal of unusual design with decorative medallions carved with celtic designs and battle honours on the four faces at the upper corners. The pedestal stands on a low circular stepped base and is surmounted by a rustic celtic cross carved in freestone with boss and wheel-head. The commemoration and names of the WWI dead are listed on a bronze panel set into the face of the pedestal. The commemoration and names of the WWII dead are carried on two smaller bronze panels set into the face of two low stone pillars which flank the pedestal.
The monument stands at the junction at the head of the main street, on the sea front overlooking Loch Fyne.
The monument was erected by Glasgow monumental sculptors Messrs. Scott Rae, the daybook entry reads:
Order No. 5805, Lochgilphead, Grey cross, Erected May 1921.

Whall’s Heavenly Angels


From Christopher Whall’s beautiful memorial stained glass window in Worcester Cathedral, a set of horn blowing heavenly angels.  Perfect for my heavenly orchestra collection.

Found on my recent visit to the cathedral.


Christopher Whall’s St Michael in Worcester Cathedral

DSC_0372 - Version 2

We had a chance to visit Worcester Cathedral yesterday, we didn’t arrive until 5pm, luckily the Cathedral is open until 6.00, although parts of the building were closed.  Having spent the day from 7am in the car travelling all over the country, carrying out work related visits, it was lovely to spend an hour in the Cathedral.  Although the light was going, I did manage to take quite a few photos, although the chancel was closed off for Evensong and the crypt was closed, there was still plenty to see.

It was a lovely surprise to find a Christopher Whall war memorial stained glass window high up on one of the wall, I very nearly missed it.  I’m going to post each of the angels separately for my angel collection.  This first window is a splendid St Michael with a blue dragon under foot.


The Mercat Cross of Portree, Isle of Skye


While looking back through some photos, I found that I had taken this photo of the War Memorial in Portree on the Isle of Skye last year.  Its not a true Market/Mercat Cross, but I think it deserves a place in my Market/Mercat Collection.

The Portree war memorial is a Mercat Cross style memorial constructed of freestone with grey granite column crowned with a lion and grey granite panels bearing the commemoration and names set into the faces of the monument.


St George of Newark-on-Trent


One more St George for my collection, this time a whole chapel…..St George’s Chapel in The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene in Newark-on-Trent.  One of the finest and largest parish churches in the country and which is truly a feast for your eyes.


Behind the High Alter there are three chapels and the northern one is dedicated to St George who is shown in the reredos with the words to “To Our Glorious Dead”  The chapel was established as a war memorial after the First World War.

DSC_0240 2

The glass show Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and the furnishings are by the noted 20th century architect W.D. Caroe.