Over The Sea To Islay, Scotland

To continue on with our journey after visiting Tarbert, in 2016, we caught the ferry from Kennecraig to Port Askaig on the Isle of Islay off the west coast of Scotland.  The weather was perfect and it felt like a mini cruise, especially as we had a fish & chip supper on board.  We landed at Port Askaig and our hotel was a stones throw away from the terminal.  We settled in at the hotel and after exploring Port Askaig, which didn’t take long, we visited the bar of the hotel.  We had come to Islay and Jura, for the Whisky Festivals. So to get into the swing of it, we had a few drinks in the bar and got to met fellow Whiskey drinkers……they were quite of few……this is something that is taken very seriously, note books came out and drinks ticked off.  The next day we caught the ferry to Jura, on the smaller blue ferry you can see in the photos.  We were now on our way to Jura’s Whisky Festival and to explore this wild and rugged island…….more to follow.



Laphroaig Distillery, Isle of Islay, Scotland


Laphroaig Distillery is very close to Lagavulin on the south coast of Islay, which we visited in May 2016, and which I posted about yesterday.  Laphroaig – pronounced La-froyg – and named after Loch Laphroaig, is one of the most divisive Scotch whiskies, loved by those who enjoy its medicinal, smoky flavour and looked on in amazement by those who don’t.  Husband likes it, it’s just a bit too smoky for me, but then I am not a true Whisky drinker……. I’m a trainee 🙂   We haven’t got that many distilleries to go now……husband is please with the progress.  I just hope we don’t visit too many next week when we are in Scotland.

Ben Nevis Distillery, Scotland


One good reason to visit Scotland is for the Whisky, well it is if you like it…..which we do 🙂  I want to keep a record of the ones we have paid a visit to, so to start the ball rolling the first one is ‘Ben Nevis Distillery’ in 2013.  Of course you are not allow to take photos inside the buildings, so I thought I would add some photos from around the area near the distillery and what is better than a mountain range, with its namesake, the highest mountain in Scotland on the doorstep.  You can even take a cable car up the mountain and no I didn’t…….. I went on one once in Switzerland and it frighten the life out of me…..never again…..I like to watch.  The photos also show you how the weather can change so quickly around the mountains, and the rainbow….. was on the way home, just because it was beautiful.

DSC_0440 - Version 2