Working Dogs

Julius K9 – Working Dog

I think Julius K9, is the name of the harness this german shepherd is wearing……..but what a great name for a dog.  Anyway for the purpose of the post, I name this dog Julius.  Julius I think is a security guard dog, rather than a police dog, going by his handlers uniforms.  We were in Munich, Bravia last year 2016, walking towards the Oktoberfest (the beer festival) when I saw Julius sitting calmly, waiting for something to happen, so he could spring into action and the reason for the muzzle….well he would most likely…..lick you to death 🙂  So Julius is straight into my ‘Occupation Category’  as security guard dog…..with handlers. 


Waiting By The Post Box On The Isle Of Berneray, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


We had some time to past while we waited for the ferry from Berneray to South Harris, so we decided to explore the Island, and much to my delight it has quite a few Blackhouses.  Although I took quite a few photos, this is the one that I like the best, this beautiful collie was laying next to the post box waiting, because when we came back the collie was in the garden laying next to her/his masters feet.