The Land of the Rings & Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan, The West Coast of Scotland

Last year, 2017, we visited Sanna Bay, in Ardnamurchan, Scotland, to get there, you drive through a ring of hills which form a world famous geological structure, a classic example of a ring complex.  From space the ring of hills looks rather like a crater on the moon, but it was formed in a very different way.  They are quite amazing to drive through when you realise they are ancient volcanoes.  I have added a few details about them.  We then arrived at, Senna Bay, truly beautiful, we were blessed with stunning weather, the first we had for over a week.  This is a photo tour of the rings and the wonderful walk we had along the beach.

The rocks of the ring of hills were called the Great Eucrite, by JE Ritchie of the British Geological Survey, when he made the first geological map of Ardnamurchan in the 1920’s.  The rocks of the Great Eucrite form a ring of hills because they were resistant to the glaciers that carved this only 20,000 years ago.  Eucrite, is a variety of gobbro, the coarsely crystallise quiver of basalt.  Large crystals form when igneous rocks crystallise slowly beneath the surface of the Earth in magma chambers.

Four ancient volcanoes on the west coast of Scotland…….When the American and Eurasian tectonic plates began to drift apart 55 – 60 million years ago, and the North Atlantic began to open, what are now north islands of, Mull, Rum and Skye, together with the peninsula of Ardnamurchan, formed a chain of volcanoes.







We Are Back On Echoes 5th Birthday

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Wow five years, and I nearly missed it, normally we do something to celebrate, but as we have only just got back from our cruise to Iceland, Happy Anniversary from WordPress will have to do 🙂

I will try to post about our holiday in a few days, but I’m afraid my father has taken a change for the worst, so I am having to repack and we are off again tomorrow.  But I just wanted to quickly say thank you to all the lovely people that follow Echo, and leave nice and interesting comments.  The last five years have been great fun and there is still more to come…..especially about the cruise, and it’s a way that I get to revisit all the lovely places we visited.  The only thing I do not want to revisit, is the storm with 5 metre waves we had on Wednesday night……. now husband has added no sea travel to his list, well its only two, but a big two……no air flights and no sailing, sort of cuts down on the travelling just a little 🙂 he still likes trains, so thats something.  Anyway, just to say again, a gigantic thank to everyone 🙂

Road Trip Home to the UK, from Interlaken, Switzerland

The last photos of the trip home to the UK, from our holiday in Interlaken, Switzerland, in 2016.  All the photos are taken from the car window, husband driving, not me.  I know its terrible, but I cannot remember any of the place names although there are a few places that I would like to go back and visit.  Although the church on the last photo, will have a post all go its own, after our holiday to Iceland.  So really just a visual road trip home, through Switzerland and France.

Swiss Chalets & A Holiday

We are going on our hols tomorrow, Sunday, we are all packed up and now just have to wait for morning to come, hopefully the house sitters will make their way through the snow 🙂  We are going on a cruise to Iceland for 12 days, along with all the other hundreds of tourist that visit each year.  But even as a small child I have always wanted to visit, because an uncle who was in the Navy, visited Iceland, along with Norway, Sweden and Finland.  He sent us postcards, brought back national costume dolls, and then came home and told us tales of his visits to each of these wonderful countries.  I have visited Norway and Sweden along with Denmark, yet to visit Finland, but Iceland will come off the list, along with the Faroe Isles……. I am so excited, and reason for this excitement, is I really never thought we would go, my husband hates flying, really hates it and never wants to fly again, hence we travel a lot by car and train.  So nearly a year ago, he came home and said he had done something, and just hoped I would like it……he had booked us on a cruise to Iceland for the following year……the year has just flown past and we start with Amsterdam, then to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, then home via Shetland and Orkney, with lots of trips at each stop.  Which means tons of photos, fingers crossed, of some very special islands, with lots of churches and lighthouses for my collections.

Anyway back to the main reason for the post, I thought I would try and finish off a trip to Switzerland we made in 2015.  I am sorting old photos, to make room for new Icelandic photos 🙂 and came across some Swiss Chalets that I took near and in Interlaken, they are just so beautiful to look at.  



St Margaret’s Church, Cley next the Sea, Norfolk

Last weekend we were on the South Coast, blue skies and a little warmth in the air, and then the Beast from the East came, and now Emma from the South.  We have been lucky in the little bit of the Fens we live in, and although it has been below freezing most of the time, only a little snow…..until tonight.  It has come with a vengeance, now I know what the rest of the country has been going through.  We lost our electric at the start of the week when a big power cable came down, so one night powerless and then for three nights we lost the internet……not good, even now it’s very slow. 

Anyway I have found some blue sky, we visited this wonderful church last summer 2017.  I had trouble with my camera, the battery was misbehaving and I only managed a few photos, so a revisit this summer is a must.  St Margaret’s Church at Cley next the Sea, sits above the village green and the church dates to the early 14th century, with the addition of a late 14th century porch.  There was an earlier church on the site, but around 1320 that church was rebuilt.  While the body of the church is intact, the north and south transepts are ruined, and open to the sky.  So really this is just a reminded for me to return and photograph the 24 late Medieval bench ends and more of the wonderful 15th century Perpendicular font.


All Saints Church, Ripley, Nr Harrogate, Yorkshire


Opposite the castle in Ripley, near Harrogate, Yorkshire, stands the parish church of All Saints, which we visited in 2016.  

The church dates from the late fourteenth century and replaced an earlier chapel which had suffered from subsidence, and became known as ‘the Sinking Chapel.’ contains the tombs of several of the Ingilby family, who’s descendants still live in the castle today.  These include the effigy chest tomb of Sir Thomas Ingilby (1290-1369). Their heads rest on a wild boar, in a reference to the incident where Thomas saved the life of Edward III.





Last year we had to have some trees felled, unfortunately due to age they had became too tall and they had become a little dangerous in high winds.  The above tree had actually been struck by lightening and was dangerous to the other trees surrounding it, but it has and will keep our wood burning stove going for quite a long time.  It was also quite interesting to watch. how they climbed the very tall trees, not something you see everyday. 

I think they are candidates for my ‘Occupation Category’