Ladies of the Law – Newport, Rhode Island – USA


When we arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, on our holiday, the rain stopped, so we went out to explore.  I think we would have just gone out, even it it had still being raining…….after all we are British and have webbed feet (no not really, although the last two days here in the UIK, it has began to feel like it)  I must say I fell in love with place, full of history, wonderful houses and fantastic sea food, plus more things then I have time to mention.  One thing that I did notice in our travels, where any road repairs were being carried out, there always seemed to be a police officers around.  This is good one for my “Occupation Category” and the sign was a bonus :)

Time is something I have run out of, we are going on holiday to Wales on Friday, our yearly trip.  We then come back for a week and then off to Germany and Switzerland for work, plus a short holiday.  I should still be able to post from Wales, as we now have satellite internet in the motorhome……. thank you husband…. its many years of my birthday presents rolled into one.

June 2015 – USA

On the Road to Newport Rhode Island – USA

On day five of our holiday, we made our way from Pennsylvanian to Massachusetts, and then over to Newport on Rhode Island.  The weather all the way was mostly rain, with little bits of blue sky, and it was a long way to drive in the rain.  Husband was very pleased to stop at the Indian Motorbike shop, to spend some money, have a coffee and chat with the owner.  Replenished, we carried on to Newport and our hotel……then thank goodness the rain stopped :)

June 2014 – USA

Have Shed, Will Travel – USA


It was a long journey to Newport, Rhode Island and we took the long way round.  My husband has a new Indian Motor bike and guess what, going the long way round you pass through Springfield, where they build the bikes……. and guess what, we stopped at an Indian Bike Shop……actually it was quite interesting, post will follow.

On route to the bike shop I saw this shed moving on what we would call a motorway, it could be a giant tool box, just take the shed when called out to do a job :)

June 2015 – USA

Sugar Valley Barns, PA, USA

The last of the Sugar Valley photos, I do miss seeing these wonderful barns…..but now we are heading off to Massachusetts, one of the six states of New England, and some Island hopping.

June 2015 – USA

A Drive Through Sugar Valley, PA – USA

I promise there are only a few barns left from our Sugar Valley trip in Pennsylvania, but as I probably will never visit again, I am making the most of it….ten years ago I did take photos, but lost a lot.  As I said before in one of my posts, it was a Sunday, so unfortunately we didn’t see any buggys on the road.  On our last visit, part of our stay was in Ohio, lots of buggys there and I even had a ride in one with a lovely Amish gentleman.  These are just a few photos that portray the Valley to me :)

June 2015 – USA

Sugar Valley Donkey – USA


While driving through Sugar Valley, PA, I just caught, this lovely donkey having his lunch, at the last moment as we were driving by.  I wasn’t sure If I had got him, but I did and here he is, not as clear as I would have liked, but not too bad, for a high speed pass.  I wonder if anyone can tell me what the caged structure is for :)

June 2015 – USA