Tobermory, a Gem on the Isle of Mull, Scotland


Built as a fishing port in 1788 on a design by Thomas Telford, the town curves around the harbour and rises into the hillside beyond.  Tobermory is the capital of, and the only burgh on, the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Inner Hebrides.  It is located in the northeastern part of the island, near the northern entrance of the Sound of Mull.

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When we arrived in the little town in 2013, the sun was shining and the skies a perfect blue, it felt like we were in a beautiful picturesque postcard.   Best known for its connections with children’s TV,  first it had a Womble named after it, while more recently it was used as the setting for the BBC children’s series Balamory.

Main street has a mix of shops, eateries, hotels and guest houses and has an excellent selection of locally produced arts and crafts. It surely must be one of the prettiest towns in Scotland and it was lovely, just pottering around the town and having something to eat on the harbour side, just perfect.




Whisky Distillery, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland


When visiting the Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland, one visit is a must…..the Tobermory Whisky Distillery….see husbands purposeful walk or even a stride, yes more of a stride.  He gets the same kicks from visiting a distillery, as I do an ancient building, so its a little price I have to pay for all the driving he does for me….. I try not to let on that I enjoy visiting them nearly as much as he does.  I must admit all these distilleries are located in the most wonderful places, I suppose thats why I like to visit them and a taster or two.  Tobermory is a lovely place to visit, and in 2013 the sun was shining for us, I will do a post later, but for now this is another post for my ‘Whisky Distillery Category’








1747 House Museum, A Love Story & A Maid – Dunollie, Scotland


When we visited Dunollie Castle in Oban, Scotland 2013, we also visited the 1745 House Museum. The 1745 House was the first home of the chiefs of the clan MacDougall, built when the family left the castle. Once the North Wing and later the Admirals House (The Main House) were constructed, the 1745 House became the Servants Quarters. The main house, behind the museum is private and you are guided away from it when you visit the castle. There are quite a few rooms to view in the museum, both downstairs and up, with many interesting artefacts to have a look at. You start downstairs in the kitchen and then going upstairs you find a love story.


The following photos will tell you about the love story……..







We then come to another interesting story and again the photos will tell you the story…….



DSC_0108 - Version 3

I nearly missed the story on the blue card about the portrait, so glad I didn’t….. nearly a ghost story, but not.  The last room we visit is the ‘Simple Room’

DSC_0109 - Version 2

I wanted to make the post have the feeling of a museum visit, where you read the cards and learn the history.  I understand there are new items to see at Dunollie, a weavers cottage and gardens, so I think a return visit is required:)


The main house.



A Lone Light – Scotland


We were sailing back from the Isle of Coll, an Inner Hebridean Island, in 2013, on a very misty day, it had been warm, but the mist had stay with us all day.  This lone lighthouse was the only photo that I took on a three hour trip back to Oban.  I think its on Mull, but I’m not too sure, maybe someone can tell me:)  Anyway it is going in my ‘Lighthouse Category’

I found it :)………This is a traditional lighthouse designed by Thomas and David Stevenson. It was first established in 1857 and manned by keepers until 1960 when the light was automated. The tower is on a small islet joined to the keepers house and the shore by a bridge. The light is exhibited from a black-painted lantern room at the top of a 19 metre white-painted masonry tower. Access is by a one mile walk along the cliff top path from Tobermory.

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Oban Whisky Distillery, Scotland


Oban Distillery is one of Scotland’s oldest sources of single malt scotch whisky, and is situated in the heart of the town.  It is one of the hardest to take a good photo of, mainly because you can’t get a nice wide view, as it is tucked up behind buildings.  Again you are not allow to take photos, but I did get one of the shop, with some bottles of Whisky.


If you look really carefully at last photo, in about the centre, you can just see the distillery’s red chimney .


Oban now joins my Whisky Distilleries Category.  This is really a record for my husband, as I think he has lost count of how many we have visited, or he wants us to visit more:)


My First Slideshow, Isle of Mull, Scotland

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I am experimenting, my first sideshow….. its nice to have a change once and a while.  I have chosen the drive after we had left the Corran Ferry in 2013, from yesterdays post.  We then drove about 30 miles to catch another ferry to take us to the Isle of Mull, which we drove across and eventually caught another one, to Iona, which was a beautiful visit.  I have a whole category on the ‘Isle of Iona’, if anyone wants to take a look.

The Corran Lighthouse, Scotland


We were on the Corran Ferry in 2013, that crosses Loch Linnhe, some nine miles south of Fort William, at the Corran Narrows. We then had to drive to another ferry, that then took us across to the Isle of Mull.  The views on the first crossing were stunning with the mountains in the background, but it was the white lighthouse that caught my attention, it made a nice subject with the views behind.


A little history for you……..The Corran Lighthouse is situated on the shoreline of Loch Linnhe, on the west side of the Narrows in Corran, a tidal sea loch on the West Coast of Scotland. Built in 1857 by Robert Louis Stevenson’s father and uncle, it was one of a chain of lighthouses marking the route to the Caledonian Canal.


Apparently the lighthouse is still in use, but without a foghorn.  The Keepers House is a holiday let, so its you fancy a holiday with a lighthouse in the garden, this is it……. plus the Robert Louis Stevenson’s connection.