I have finally upload my 4,500 holiday snaps, not without a certain amount of heart failure, on the 3rd attempt I had lift off.  Which takes me to my 1st photo …….. I really wanted a pilot for my occupation category and I got one, ok he is not flying the plane, but he is getting ready to :)

June 2015 Heathrow – Air-line Pilot


Woollen Tree


I have come across knitting on trees before, but this one has to be the best.  Found while exploring Abergavenny Castle in Wales and someone has really spent a lot of time making sure each branch is covered.  I have only seen this is Wales and just wondered if its Welsh thing, or is there a special reason, other than wanting to keep the tree nice and cosy…….whatever the weather.

April 2015

Red Coat


I am still sorting photos, in-between everything else, but I am enjoying coming across photos that I had forgotten about.  I remember taking this photo, not only because I liked the red of the child’s coat, but the wonderful cloud formation.  To me it looked like a great wave was about to crash down on Edinburgh, and no one but me had seen it coming……. :)

From a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2015

Electric Train Driver


This train came through Peterborough Station, Cambridgeshire in February this year, while we were waiting for our train to take us to Scotland for the day.  I took loads of photos, as they are moving just a little fast, and luckily I did manage to get one that was in focus, for my ‘Occupation Category’ Electric Train Engine Drive.  

By the way, I’m still sorting photos, unfortunately work has been hectic, and with the weather being so hot…….. I have been shattered by the end of the day, but today I finished a big job, and feel so much better…… I think the word should be relieved :)

The Great Age of Mary


I really should read the gravestones that I record, but I was really surprised I missed this one.  This grave is a double header of Mr John Howels and his wife Mary Howels.  I love the naive cavings of the angels, they are really the reason I took the photo, but on reading the headstone, it would seem that Mary lived to be 131 years old……. I think someone made a mistake and possibly it was not noticed if the family could not read, which is possible…… I think it should be 31 and I’m amazed that it was never changed.

St Bartholomew’s Church, Vowchurch, Herefordshire 2015