The Journey to Torcello, Venice, Italy


We had left behind the Island of Murano and its glass making, for the Island of Torcello, to visit the wonderful Cathedral and to see where the first Venetian’s had lived.  For me, the journey to a destination is just as important as the arrival…..which sometimes can be a disappointment, but the journey never.  These are just some of the sights you would see on the way, you pass very close to Burano, the last island that we will visit, to reach Torcello and then the walk to the Cathedral.


You can just make out the snow covered mountains in the distance in this photo.


We have now arrived in Torcello and you can just see the Cathedral in the background.  You do feel you have left the crowds of Venice a long way behind you, I suppose it had taken over an hour to reach the island, but well worth it, for the peace and calm.  The next post will be on the Cathedral and a little history of the island.



October 2016


Gone Fishing – Burano, Venice, Italy


As we were making out way to the island of Torcello, we came close to Burano, we were returning there, but first we had a Cathedral to see.  But I did wonder what the fisherman was hoping to catch.

‘Occupations Category’ October 2016

The Litter Dog of Torcello, Venice, Italy


Now I did wonder why I never saw very much litter around Venice and the neighbouring islands……now I know why, they have litter dogs🙂  No not really, if you get up at the crack of dawn, you will see men with what I call broomsticks type brushes, sweeping the squares and alleyways, every single morning, before all the tourists arrive.  This little dog was on the island of Torcello, just look at the wonderful collar, someone loves him dearly, and they have taught him to pick up rubbish.  Toffee does that, but only because he wants to chew it up and make even more rubbish🙂

October 2016

Chatting – Venice


Gondoliers, you can hardly miss them, I was interested to read that there are only 400 hundred gondola’s in Venice…..it seemed a lot more than that.  I think I might be adding a lot of Gondoliers to my ‘Occupation Category’, they were great to take photos of🙂

October 2016