The Haka

I’m still sorting photos, and actually enjoying it, though it might have been a chore, but no ….. its quite fun.  I will get to my holiday snaps, but as there is about 4,500.00, they will need to be sorted as well.  I’m not sure if its just me, but I seem to take far too many photos of the same thing, just incase I get that really extra special shoot…… I have to stop doing this, its a habit I have to kick :)   Take the above photos of the Haka, which is the only reason I go to see New Zealand play, no not really, but a large part of the reason.  I took nearly 300, why, I only need a few…. its an obsession, please let there be other people out there like me, so I can stop worrying.  I will not even start to tell you how many church photos I have and the rest.  One other thing, why having to been to four New Zealand/ England matches, do we always get to sit side on or looking at their backs …..I should have married a New Zealander :)

Just incase some one in the world has never seen it taking place, a Haka is a Maori ceremonial war dance involving chanting, an imitation of which is performed by New Zealand rugby teams before a match.

Also a good ones for my occupation category – New Zealand Rugby Team 2014

Walking in the Past


I am still sorting photos, which is good, because you come across little snap shots that you have taken, and then promptly, you forget about them.  They really only come to light when you have a good sort through, but I do remember taking this one…….mainly because he reminded me of a figure in a film……  a spy film, a film from many years ago in black and white, but the name of the film is lost in time… other words, I can’t remember.  So just for a moment in Rothenbury ob der Tauber, Germany, on holiday last Christmas, a memory came back.  I think that is why I love taking photographs….. not because I want to be a photographer, plenty of good ones around to fill that occupation, I just love recording things that I have seen and to capture little scenes that will never happen again…. little echoes of the past, had to get that in :)

Messing About on the River


Messing about on a river in Cambridgeshire, if you look carefully you can see a little figure on the end of the middle boat.  This photo was one of my point and press ones out of the car window, at goodness knows what speed my husband felt like going at the time.  I am having to clear some photos, as I took rather a lot on holiday in the States and I just know that my laptop will throw a wobbly if I try to add a large amount of photos.  So hopefully soon I can down load them, as I managed to visit quite a few churches and lots of ancient graveyards from our travels around New England, plus lots of other interesting things :)

Rusty Roof on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


This is really a cottage with a view……well it has the view, but this is one of the derelict blackhouse cottages on the Isle of Lewis.  Not only on Lewis, but also on the rest of the Islands that make up the Outer Hebrides.  Imagine waking up to that view in the mornings……ok forget the storms, the cold and just think of the breathtaking view :)

From our holiday May 2014

My Calming Angel


My idea of posting more posts about our holiday on the Outer Hebrides from last year, has sort of faded away, not for the lacking of wanting too, just the lack of time.  Trying to get things sorted at home for our holiday, getting the chickens and garden ready for someone to look after for us.  Luckily our neighbour runs a small rescue centre for dogs, so she looks after our three, when we can’t take them with us.  We are getting there, just as well, as its only a week away……. but tonight I thought I would do a post after I found this photo.  It’s a wonderful church kneeler of a roof angel, and for the life of me, I cannot remember taking it, but it has a lovely calming effect. I suddenly realised everything will get done at home and work, that I should enjoy the run up to our holiday, as that is part of the fun…….well I will try :)

Garden Ruins


 The one thing that I found quite amazing when we started our trip of the Outer Hebrides last year, was the amount of ruin houses that are just abandoned, and new ones built along side.  There are the ruins of the old Blackhouse cottages, and the ones here are the 1920’s replacement concrete houses that were built to replace the ancient Blackhouse homes.  The concrete houses had one flaw, they did not have damp courses.  Many became unliveable after a few years and people reverted back to living in the old stone cottages for warmth.  There are some that were renovated, but mostly they were left as ruins.  It is a strange sight to begin with, but I found them totally fascinating, and took hundreds of photos as they are very much part of the landscape, and heritage of the Islands.

From our visit in May 2014