A Helping Dog


My ‘Occupation Category’ its just not for people, its also for aminals who have an occupation, although you could say they all have one….. they are pets.  If only we treated all of them with the love that they give us, if only………

A Helping Dog  – 2015

Ginger Bread House – Germany


Last year just before Christmas we were visiting Germany and stayed in the beautiful Mediaeval town of Rothenburg ob der Taube.  I did a lot of posts last year, as the whole place is just like a Christmas Fairyland, but I did keep a few back for this year.  This is a small restaurants window and I just wondered if they had gingerbread house on the menu :)

Germany 2014

A Christmas Room at Polesdon Lacey, Surrey


I am so English….as I love to talk about the weather, which at the moment here in the UK is horrible.  We are still suffering from high winds, rain and its started to get cold, not nice, maybe one form of weather or another, but all three together is, as I said, horrible.  So to cheer myself up I have been looking at photos from last years trip to a National Trust House in Christmas mode……

Last Christmas 2014, we visited Poldson Lacey House and the rooms were full of Christmas finery.  I will do a post on Christmas at the house, but I love this room, it puts me in the mood to get the tree out to start decorating……maybe too soon for some people :)  But now I have to choose which house will get the once over for their decorations this year.

Polesdon Lacey, Surrey –  2014

Rack Island, Bibury, The Cotswolds


It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the UK is……. four beautiful countries to explore, all so different from each other.  We were in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire and stopped at Bibury to have a look at a garden centre that I noticed.  Once parked, I realised how beautiful the river was and then I saw the wonderful row of cottages.  We did visit the garden centre and there are a couple of photos of a garden, which I think belonged to a nearby hotel.  We did not however…… visit the cottages, as the number of tourists were over whelming, but we will revisit, although we will arrive early morning and explore at our leisure…. one day.

A little history….. Rack Isle is an ancient water meadow, an important wildlife refuge and one of the most picturesque spots in the Cotswolds. Set beside the old weavers’ cottages of Arlington Row, it takes its name from the wooden racks on which finished cloth was dried. Old Tythe maps show that the meadow was also used for grazing. The Isle was given to the National Trust in 1956, and is now a rare habitat for water voles and a protected wildfowl breeding ground.




1st Nativity Christmas Card


 For the last two years I have posted beautiful stained glass window ‘Nativity’ scenes for Christmas and this is the first one for 2015.

St Mary’s Church, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk 2015

The Oil Can


This photo nearly went in the trash, why, because just as I took the photo, there was a blast of black smoke that covered the ‘Engine Drivers Mate’ face.  But then I thought about it, I like the way the ‘Engine Driver’ is walking up the side of the track and smoke happens with steam trains.  Engines pour out smoke when you least expect them too, thats half the fun, so the arm stayed :)

Wales 2014 – ‘Engine Driver’