On all our visits to Scotland over the years, the one animal that I have aways wanted to see, was a wild otter.  The numbers of times we heard ‘oh you just missed one’ not something you really want to hear when you so want to see one.  Last year 2018 we went to the Isle of Mull for a wildlife road trip…..it rained all day, no……. it poured all day, infact we got half our money back, because all we saw were a few brave birds on the seashore…….until the last ten minutes, we were just about finished, when our guide told us to look to the left and on a small island was a sunbathing otter.  It wasn’t really sunbathing, it was rolling around drying his/her fur, but it was a wild otter, although quite far off, it was what I had come on the trip for.  I took lots of photos hoping that all of them would not be one big blur, I was lucky, although they are not that fantastic, you can see it was definitely an otter.  Now I could say I had seen a wild otter, but this year 2019 in May, I could add one and now I can say two.  

The first otter on the Isle of Mull

We had nearly finished our Scottish 2019 holiday, when with only two days to go, husband told me to get my camera and be very quiet, as right outside our caravan on the shore of Loch Linnhe, was an otter eating a very large fish.  We were up at 5’clock to catch a ferry to Skye and we were going to have leave shortly so we didn’t miss the ferry…….I had ten minutes to watch and take some photos, in fact we had to leave while the otter was still devouring his fishy breakfast.  It was a wonderful experience to be so close and he/she was the size of a small dog and so beautiful.  These photos were a lot better than the first otter, but I still could’nt really capture the otters face, for some reason it was mostly the rear end 🙂

The second otter on the shore of Loch Linnhe


14 Replies to “My Otter Photos”

    1. Oh Sue it has taken years to see one, they are just such beautiful creatures, fingers crossed you get to see one on your next visit. We also saw a pine martin, which we had never seen before 🙂 Lynne

  1. Lovely playful creatures ,that’s for sure! My son lives by a creek and there are otters living there. He’s had a pair of babies end up in his yard, so soft and cute ! Loved your photos,and happy you got to see one.

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