Liguria, Italy to Zell am See, Austria (Road Trip 68)

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Returning to our 2018 holiday, when we visited Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany, having posted about Switzerland and Italy, I want to finish the last two locations.   As we only spent two days in Austria and four in Munich, Germany, hopefully it will not take too long.  I want to keep a record, as it was such an eventful trip and we enjoyed every moment, even with my cold from hell.  We left the Italian Riviera early morning and drove to our next hotel, which over looked Lake Zell in Austria, this did take us nearly all day, but what a drive, through some amazing scenery.  I took way too many photos, but there were so many castles and churches that I couldn’t visit, but wanted to remember them……..just incase we ever return.  I’m just going to let the photos take you thought the journey and the next post will be of the lovely mountain side hotel we stayed in. 

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